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40 Ways to Supercharge Creativity


Creativity is a fantastic aspect of human nature as it allows us to express ourselves through the arts. There are hundreds of thousands of people who use art as their professional outlet, whereas others may find it more advantageous to use it as a leisure activity. Regardless, it is important to know how to stay creative (even when you’re uninspired) as it helps to keep your stress levels down and makes you a healthier and happier person. Below are some of the most popular ways to ensure that you stay creative.

1. Creating Inspiration Boards

Getting inspired and staying inspired can be incredibly difficult which is why you make want to consider making an inspiration board. Choose a project that you want to complete and find pictures that can help to keep you motivated and dedicated to completing the project.

2. Going Outside

With the increasing popularity of technology, more and more people are locking themselves indoors and plugging into their TVs and computers. Try going outside and exploring what nature has to provide, this in itself is both emotionally and physically beneficial.

3. Socializing

There is no better way to get creative ideas than to talk with friends and family members about any interests that you may have. The more that you talk, the more exciting things will become and you will begin to want to do more.

4. Learning Skills

It’s never too late to become the talented person that you have always wanted to be. Learn a new skill and teach yourself how to do something new, such as learning a new language.

5. Reading

Authors are employed to create universes where people can lose themselves and feel one with the text. With that being said, reading can be one of the best ways to influence your creativity.

6. Music

Much like reading, music is designed by artists to provide individuals with an escape from reality. Either listening or creating your own music are great ways to ensure that you are able to be creative to your best ability.

7. Remove Clutter

Having clutter around your room and your home can be frustrating and suffocating, especially for people who require an ample amount of space to be creative. Consider spending a whole day removing clutter from your home and allowing your creativity to overcome you.

8. Take Risks

Life is too short to stick to the same mundane routine. Allow yourself to try something that you have never done before and don’t look back. You would be surprised at the results.

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