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40 Most Powerful Visual Symbols in Business


To convey a specific message, the best communicators use symbolism to make their point. The correct symbols can help readers or viewers trigger an association which allows the communicator to take everyone on a journey toward an intended conclusion. These are the most common symbols used.

1) Doves
Doves are a sign of peace and tranquility. They also have certain spiritual connotations to them.

2) Ravens
The raven is often used to speak of disaster or death in the future. They are often used to communicate bad luck or a bad omen.

3) Butterflies
A butterfly can represent transformation. It may also be a symbol of freedom, beauty, or independence, depending upon the contest of the piece.

4) Owls
Owls represent intelligence. Their presence can serve as a cue for the reader or viewer to pay closer attention so the correct lesson can be learned.

5) Fire
Fire is often used to represent fire, but it can also represent renewal. To an overgrown forest, fire is life. To the phoenix, fire is a chance at rebirth. Fire may destroy, but it can also refine.

6) Roses
These flowers are often associated with love. A rose can also represent a single character, community, or nation.

7) Hearts
A heart is usually representative of an individual soul or a specific emotion, such as love. It can also represent loyalty, kindness, or courage.

8) Darkness
Darkness is often used when evil is being foretold. The dark can also be a reflection of an unknown future. It often conveys a negative image.

9) Light
Light is often associated with “good.” It can also represent innocence, clarity, or enlightenment. It is often used to contrast itself from darkness, creating “good vs evil.”

10) Wolves
The wolf is a sign of strength. It is a symbol of loyalty. Wolves have freedom and independence, but only because they are fiercely self-sufficient.

11) Spiders
A spider can be a symbol of growth, creativity, or even mystery.

12) Rainbows
Rainbows are seen as the sun comes out after the rain. That can be a symbol of hope, of a promise, or having a dream fulfilled.

Correct symbolism can add depth and dimension to your communication. Use these examples to convey the right message.

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