41 Great Catchy Dried Fruit Company Names

With people of today’s world becoming more and more health conscious, the dried fruits industry has experienced a boom. There are countless different companies that offer dried fruits in their products, so it is important to find a way to stand out and get people remembering your name. A catchy name is one perfect way to accomplish this. I have compiled an awesome list of existing dried fruit company names to get your thinking.

American Agrotrading LLC
Apricot Hill Fruit Stand
Bates Clifford
Bella Viva Orchards
Cal Fruit International Inc.
Celebrity Foods Inc.
Charleston Nut Co.
Chelsea Market Baskets
Crack Seed Etc
Crescent Caribbean Inc
Family Market
Giant Eagle
Gourmet Nuts & Dried Fruit
Jakpan Enterprises Inc
Kelley Orchards Inc
Ladybug Enterprises
Midway Farms
Miki Orchard Inc
Monarch Commodity Exports
Morgan’s of California Dried
National Food Mart
Naturally Edible
Natures Offerings
Noor Food
Nuts and Dried Fruits
Nutty Naturals LLC
Paradise Farms
Patricia Flores Distribution
Pioneer Supermarket
Premier Produce
Ruby’s Dried Fruit
Sugar & Spice
Sundried Marketing Co Inc
Sunnys Trading Co
Sweet Dried Fruit
Sweet Escape Cranberries
Tania & Danny Infusions
The Honeyman
Vacaville Fruit Co.
World Foods Inc

This fascinating video shows the factory processes that are involved in the making of dried fruit. It is definitely interesting and gives you insight as to what goes into these products.