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31 Great Christian Company Names

American retailers sell an annual worth of $4.6 billion in Christian products each year. Much of the merchandise are focused on religious references from popular spoofs and spinoffs of commercial logos and brands. One example is the iPray hat for consumers to wear when listening to the their iPod. The following list of christian company names is from popular services and retailers that were built upon Christian faith.

Allegra Marketing Print & Mail
Believe Pictures
Bethany House
Christian Cleaning Company
Cloud Ten Pictures
Convenant Publishing
Destiny Publishers
Forever 21
Gener8Xion Entertainment Inc.
Heaven Bound Christian Bookstore & Gifts
Herald House
Herman Miller
Hobby Lobby
Hope Christian Store
In N Out Burger
Interstate Batteries
Jeremiah Films
New Heights Dance Ministry
Service Master
Shiloh Printing
Swanson Christian Products
The Rebirth Network
The Royal Stage
Tom’s of Maine
Tyson Foods
UpLifting Entertainment
Veritas Christian Bookstore
Wellspring Christian Store
Westminster Bookstore
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The following infographic looks at the ministry trends of 2013 to help predict current and upcoming changes in the industry. Compassion evangelism is one topic that has been occurring throughout the world resulting in over 8.l billion volunteered hours among 70 million volunteers. Churches have started to gear towards leveraging smartphones for the ministry and connecting with their members.

Ministry Trends 2013

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