41 Good Oil and Gas Company Names

An estimated 30% of oil and gas is produced through off shore production through shallow water wells. Over the next two decades, this form of production is expected to his equal to on short production methods, leading to deep water drilling as the fastest growing segment right now. An average of $27 billion is spent each year on subsea facilities and expected to grow to $130 billion by 2020. The following collection of oil and gas companies are from businesses across the United States that operate within the oil and gas industry.

Aladdin Oil & Gas Company
Antic Oil and Gas Company
Apco Oil and Gas International
Armada Oil & Gas Company
Bain & Company
Breitling Energy Corporation
Brenham Oil & Gas
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
CICO Oil & Gas Company
Citation Oil and Gas Corp.
Cobra Oil & Gas
Contango Oil & Gas Co.
Contango Oil & Gas Company
Devon Energy
Dow Oil & Gas
Encana Corporation
ENI Oil and Gas Company
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.
Genesis Energy LP
Hilcorp Energy Co.
Hunt Oil Company
Idemitsu Oil & Gas Co.
Lario Oil & Gas Company
Lewis Energy
Linn Energy LLC
Mellitah Oil & Gas
Northern Oil and Gas
Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Company
Pars Oil & Gas Company
Petro Strategies
Richfield Oil & Gas Company
San Leon Energy
Sinclair Oil and Gas
Trek Oil and Gas Inc.
Union Oil and Gas Inc.
Zion Oil & Gas Inc.
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Changing technologies have providing the oil and gas industry the ability to mobilize their operational processes. When mobile apps are integrated into internal workflow processes, productivity can be improved by 45% and efficiency by 44%. Currently, only one third of enterprises currently have apps. The below infographic outlines changing trends in this industry.

Oil and Gas Industry Trends