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40 Famous Business Success Quotes and Sayings

40 Famous Business Success Quotes and Sayings

Great Quotes That Mean A Lot In Life Today

Quotes are words of wisdom said by a famous person, which reflect back to our lives, giving us teachings, warning and even advice on how we should live. These people could have been speaking with other people or in a congress, but what matters is, how the quotes affect your life. Here are some of the greatest quotes quoted by famous people about friendship, love, life and success.

Benjamin Franklin’s “Be slow in choosing a friend and slower in changing” was simply advising people to choose wisely on whom they consider to be their friends, and you share with the friend. Finding a real friend is really hard, and if you realize you are walking with the wrong type of persons, you don’t change abruptly but do it gradually until you find a person who cares for you and can be termed as a friend. Another similar quote to this says that, an evil friend is worse than a beast, a beast will only wound your body, but an evil friend will mess with your mind.

“We do not remember days, but remember moments.” This is a life based quote, which reminds people that life is all about moments and not days. There are moments of laughter, pain and others of solitary. The impact that moment gives to our live is all what matters, because we are being shaped for the future and to handle in the future. This quote can be used on persons who are dating or in a relationship, who needs to be encouraged. Another quote that goes in line with this is, “life is pain and enjoyment is an anesthetic.”

Many are the times when we are intimidated by others for what they are, or their qualifications. Many people find themselves in these situations especially during interviews, and start pitying themselves. The quote, “what we are really matters more than what other people think of us” applies well in this situation. You might be lowly qualified in papers, but experience might have shaped you otherwise, so take hear. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “they first ignore you, then laugh at you, then fight you, but you emerge the winner in the long run.” This is an inspiration to all the people who have been backbitten in life and think they cannot make it.

Marriage is ordained by God, and although many people may despise your action on marrying this quote can be of great help. “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.” As long as you compliment and understand each other, then working together will not be hard. It takes perseverance and endurance to survive the initial storms of life, but once you get balance, it is smooth all through.

Many people lie to one another that they are in love, while are lusting on the inside. This is the reason why there are many divorces and broken marriages today, because many people do not want to learn their partners first, all they want is to rush up things, not realizing what is ahead of them. Erich Fromm once said, immature love says: “I love you because I need you.” A mature lover however says; “I need you because I love you.” Although the two may sound similar, they are very different. One person is in love here, while the other is just lusting.

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