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4 Ways Companies Use Proximity Marketing to Increase Sales


Internet marketing has already branched out to traditional desktop marketing and mobile marketing. Having a website is not enough anymore. The website must be responsive so it can fit into a mobile browser and smart phone screen display or there should be a different mobile version of the website along with the conventional website. Search engine optimization would dominate the internet marketing space as far as web browsers, search engines and social networks or media are concerned but the paradigm has already expanded to include a different type of optimization.

Benefits with Optimization

The whole purpose of optimization is to churn out relevant pieces of information. With more criteria of optimization, one can expect greater relevance. That is precisely what is happening and shall happen more in the near future. Location based internet marketing and mobile marketing has already shaped up. There are GPS based apps and push notifications systems in state of the art smart phones as well as tablets. These apps and systems enable marketers or companies to cater to an audience based on their location. Whenever a customer or an internet user is at a desirable location or within a specific area, the messaging systems get active; send out prompts and start beeping, doing all kinds of stuff to gain the attention of the supposed buyer.

Proximity and micro-location marketing would be the future of location based initiatives. There are already notable software applications which are gearing up for very acute location based marketing practices. Not only would a potential customer’s car location or physical location be tracked, the last minuscule location detail would be tracked down to the spot where the person is.

How Micro Location Tracking Works

With state of the art proximity and micro-location tracking, one can now figure out where a customer is in a shopping mall or at the local mart. Details such as which aisle the customer is in and what products are kept in that aisle or in the specific racks that the customer is walking by in real time can be synced together to prompt the customer to make use of an advertisement or a discount offer. Such is the phase that proximity and micro location marketing is in. With time, this technology would only get advanced and as per survey reports, people who would be the target audience wouldn’t mind being told where the best offers are even if they are about to finish shopping and paying for the groceries bought at the exiting aisle.

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