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7 Great Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Ideas

Breast cancer kills thousands of women each year. This disease is diagnosed in over 300,000 people per year in the United States alone. The goal of fundraising is to not only help those with the horrible news of cancer, but also fund further research in hopes that this disease can be eliminated.

The issue is that all cancers are different and if enough money is available for research, cancers will eventually start to be eliminated. With a high mortality rate, people often wonder why donations are not always pouring into fundraisers. The main reason that people do not donate is simple. No one asks them to. The following breast cancer awareness fundraiser ideas will raise awareness for this disease that affects hundreds of thousands of women each year.

Using Traditional Mail

People in every community are turning to technology to communicate. All too often, fundraisers forget that sending regular mail to ask for donations is fruitful. Did you know that people are far more likely to donate to your cause if your communication comes through mail?

Regular mail is far more serious and will catch the attention of the reader much faster. This lessens the possibility of a person feeling scammed and will result in new donations.

Field Day

Field day events used to be designated to schools only. Now, these events have turned into a fantastic way to throw a fundraiser. Field day revolves around games, sports and pitting two teams against each other. This can include:

• Relay races
• Tug-o-war
• Sack races
• Swimming

There are dozens of possible activities that teams or individuals will be able to enjoy.

The goal is to raise awareness at these events and ask for donations. This can be done by asking participants to pay an entry fee to be able to enjoy the day’s festivities.

If you want to make even more money, allow a presenter to talk about breast cancer and even put up concession stands. These stands will put any profits made right into the donation bins so that extra money is made for the cause.

Fitness Classes

Fundraising and fitness tends to be the perfect match. Oftentimes, instructors will be able to entice their students to pay an extra donation to join a class. This can be $5 or $20. The goal is to allow more people to experience the class and all of the donations will go towards breast cancer.

Everything from self-defense classes to Zumba seem to be a perfect fit. The more gyms that this is promoted to, the higher chance of bringing in substantial donations a fundraiser has. Some past examples show that just 6 hours of courses brought in over $1,200 in donations. The goal is exposure and nothing beats asking others to donate at the gym.

Community Races

Races are a great way to garner publicity and will have everyone in on the action. These races are held in all major cities and there is always room for more. Participants will be doing the race in hopes of raising awareness and increasing donations.

These races can be as long as a full marathon, or they can even be a half marathon in length. If running is not favored, cycling races are becoming increasingly popular.


From food to dates, a public auction is a great way to bring in donations. The goal of these auctions is to have the bidders truly interested in items that have been donated. This means if a bakery donates a wedding cake, an auction can put it up for auction and see how high the price goes.

Auctions should never pay for the items being sold as this can negate the entire cost of the items in most cases. Unless an auction has a deal to receive a percentage of the profits, all items should have been fully donated to the cause.

Bake Sale

A bake sale is a traditional means of fundraising and one that people will flock to. All of the town’s best bakers can have a bake off wherein they are judged on the quality of their goods. You must get creative with these as a regular bake sale simply will not do the trick.

By having your bake sale be a competitive event, far more people will be willing to attend. All of the items sold should result in several hundreds to thousands of dollars in donations.

Baseball Game

Baseball is the easiest sport to setup. The goal is to setup a baseball game where admission is charged at a premium. This admission can be increased if drinks are included or a hot dog. Baseball games can feature young and old players alike.

Some of the best options is to have high school teams face off against their elders. This is a great way to garner the attention of the community and works as a great event that can be done annually.

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