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4 Keys to a Perfect Investor Pitch for Startups


Crafting a Killer Investor Pitch

This article explains four pillars of great pitch delivery.

1. Clarity: An adult can pay attention for a period of 8 seconds. So you must maximize this and make sure your pitch is as clear and concise as possible. Clarity is always preferred to persuasion.

2. Simplicity: The pitch should be as simple as a 5 year old would understand. Leave out all the technicalities and make sure you are perfectly understood.

3. Practice: You perfect your skills through consistent practices. Take advantage of feedback and refine your delivery systems, strengthening them to perfection.

4. Passion: By being passionate about your pitch, it will become memorable, engaging, and unique. This could make a difference between two conversations.

Elevator Pitch: 6 Steps to Success

1. Hook: Everyday, angel investors and venture capitalists are pitched. Take advantage of this and capture their imaginations with something compelling and unique.

2. Problems: If there is any challenge, make your audience feel the pain of this at the same time. Demonstrate to them that you are actively seeking a solution.

3. Unique Solution: Generic ideas are of no interest to investors. Be creative and capture their imagination and something unique. Make sure you stand out from the pack. Ask yourself, what unique service can you offer and move in that direction.

4. Team: You must display an impressive example that you can get the job done as this will create an indelible mark in the mind of the investors. Demonstrate that your team is an essential part of the deal as venture capitalists invest in people.

5. Traction: What success level has your product achieved within the market? This is necessary to venture capitalists as this will differentiate you from the band wagon in the industry.

6. Close: Seek an opportunity to meet with the investor personally or ask for a contact.

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