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4 Fantastic Customer Experience Strategies


Four Expectations That Consumers Have About Customer Service

In today’s technologically driven world, customers expect to have information immediately available at their fingertips online. This means that customers want to be able to find company information instantly. They also want to be able to gain entry into their accounts instantly, so in order to improve customer experience, businesses need to offer personally tailored services and information to their customers.


Statistics show that forty-six percent of adults in America own a smartphone. Keeping this in mind, businesses need to realize that customers are more prone to make purchases from the companies that provide the type of instantaneous information that they have come to expect from the businesses.

Results from a study showed that customers would rather use a smartphone to get the answers they want about a product then to actually speak to a representative.

A couple tips for businesses to follow to improve customer service experience is to create a mobile website and for the business to list its product and service information on the homepage.

Self Service Options

Another way to improve the customer service experience is by providing customers with self-service options. Some self-service options include: buying products online, setting up an interactive voice operated answering system and providing self aid touch screen menus.

Most technologically experienced users prefer to interact with machines to complete tasks, rather than interacting with humans.

Social Responsibility Campaigns

Businesses can also participate in social responsibility campaigns and buying that is founded in values. Most often customers make purchases from companies or brands that encompass at least some of the same social values that they have instilled within themselves.

Consumers are changing their spending habits to reflect towards companies that are focusing on buying that is founded in values instead of overpaying for high-priced products and services. A benefit of focusing on this type of buying strategy is that their specific target demographic customers are more likely to purchase from them because of the businesses’ philanthropy ventures.

Go Green

Currently a hot trend is the idea of “going green” and more and more businesses are signing onto this venture. Today’s younger generations have been the most involved in this type of spending. Because of this customers will opt to make purchases from businesses that offer eco-friendly products rather than the businesses’ competition.

Statistics show that fourteen percent of Office Depot’s consumer base claims that they spend there because of the fact that they make The Green Book, which is an index of over two thousand of Office Depot’s most eco-friendly products.

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