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4 Best WordPress Membership Plugins


1. s2Member

With over a half million downloads, s2Member Framework is free and integrates right into your PayPal Website Payments Standard. Features include the ability to recur bill, integrate custom pages for registration, manage account access, and compatible with multisite networking. s2Member provides the ability for you to protect your pages, posts, tags, categories, word fragments and more. Custom capabilities include protecting downloadable files, establishing restrictions on amount of downloads and how much can be downloaded in a given amount of time.

2. WP-Members

Create your blog into a membership based site. This is the ideal plugin for bloggers who want to focus on newsletters, premium content, and more. Allow members to register and subscribe. Features include the ability to block posts, pages, individual registration, sidebar login, captcha, and more.

3. Members

This plugin provides the ability to extend your blog into a user role and content management based site. This plugin established roles for your blog where you can generate content permissions for user or even make your site private. Easy shortcodes make this plugin easily manageable within the already robust WordPress CMS.

4. Membership

The Membership plugin allows your already functional blog to become a central point of access for downloads, online content, videos, forums, and other community based features. With flexible membership, different levels and options allow features to be deployed that manage content, posts, and restrictions of members.

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