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32 Credit Card Fraud Statistics and Trends

Credit Card Fraud Statistics

The United States is among one of the highest of individuals experiencing credit card fraud. The top 15 countries of credit card fraud are listed below, followed by other statistics regards credit cards.

Top 15 Countries for Credit Card Fraud

According to an ACI Worldwide study, the following 15 countries are rated top on the list for credit card fraud.

1. Mexico – 44%
2. United States – 42%
3. India – 37%
4. UAE – 36%
5. China – 36%
6. United Kingdom – 34%
7. Brazil – 33%
8. Australia – 31%
9. Singapore – 26%
10. South Africa – 25%
11. Canada – 25%
12. Italy – 24%
13. France – 20%
14. Indonesia – 18%
15. Germany – 13%

Statistics About Credit Card Fraud

1. 68% of college students have concerns about identity theft and fraud when it comes to owning a credit card.
2. The Consumer Sentinel Network received more than 1.8 million complaints in 2011, 55% accounted for fraud.
3. Consumers paid more than $1.5 billion as a result of fraud in 201 with the median consuming contribute an average of $537 each year.
4. Of fraud related complaints, initial contact was reported by email 43%, 13% on internet site, and 7% through mail.
5. In 2011, Colorado had the highest per capita rate of reported fraud and complaints followed by Delaware and Maryland.
6. Credit card fraud is considered one of the top three most worrisome threats to Americans in the United States.
7. An average 56% of Americas are concerned with someone obtaining and using their credit card information.
8. 36% of Americans are considered with the security of shopping or banking online.
9. Average amount of credit card fraud reported is for $399.
10. Total amount of credit card fraud worldwide costs $5.55 billion.

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

An inside look into Visa and strategies to help prevent credit card fraud.

Consumer Statistics

According to a Credit Donkey survey the following statistics of consumer concerns with credit card fraud are provided.

Victim of Credit Card Fraud?
Yes – 34%
No – 66%

Do you Worry About Credit Card Fraud?
Yes – 53%
No – 47%

Have you Received a Call About Questionable Purchase?
Yes – 63%
No – 37%

If so to the above, Was the Charge Fraudulent?
No, but happy they called – 62%
No, annoyed they called – 9.5%
Yes, happy they called – 28.5%

How Long Did it Take to Resolve an Issue of Fraud?
24 hours or less – 34.9%
Within a week – 41.7%
At least a week to a month – 18.7%
Its still going on – 4.7%

Fraud Complaints by Age Group

According to the Consumer Sentinel Network in the United States Department of Justice, the following age groups suffer the following percentages of credit card fraud.

Age 20-29: 19%
Age 30-39: 22%
Age 40-49: 25%
Age 50-59: 25%
Age 60+: 10%

5 Common Types of Credit Card Fraud

The most common types of credit card fraud experienced are outlined below.

1. Counterfeit Credit Cards: 37%
2. Lost or Stolen: 23%
3. No-Card Fraud: 10%
4. Stolen Cards During Mailing Fraud: 7%
5. Identity-Theft Fraud: 4%

5 Biggest Credit Heists in History

Over 11 million people in North America become victims of credit card fraud each year and stands as the top fear among consumers. The below infographic captures the 5 largest credit heists of all time that result in consumer insecurities among consumers.

Top 5 Credit Heists in History

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