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51 Great Holding Company Names

The global investment industry is considered one of the most important industries in the world accounting for almost $28 trillion in assets. Due to the recent recession, the United States has seen integration of a sweeping reform bill known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer protection act signed in 2010 by President Obama. This is similar to European regulation that has been instituted as well. This helps the government to monitor systemic financial risks and interfere when necessary in liquidating a financial firms assets and seizure for extreme cases. A collection of holding company names that deal within the Federal Exchange is compiled below and represent just a small number of the total companies impacted by the recent economic downturn and regulation.

1st United Bancorp
Alliance Financial Corporation
Ann Arbor Bancorp
Bakey Boyer Bancorp
BancFist Corporation
CCB Corporation
ChoiceOne Financial Services Inc.
Colonial Banc Corp.
Comerica Incorporated
Decatur Investment Inc.
Discover Financial Services
Drexel Morgan & Co.
East West Bancorp
Eastwood Financial Corporation
Exchange Company
Farmers Enterprises Inc.
Fifth Third Bancorp
First American International Corp.
First Interstate Bancsystem
First Laurel Security Co.
First Merchants Corporation
First National Capital Corporation
First of Waverly Corporation
Franklin Bancorp, Inc.
Frontier Holdings, LLC
Frontier Management LLC
Galva Investment Inc.
Graff Family Inc.
Gravenstein Inc
Great Plains Bancshares Inc.
Green Dot Corporation
Heirs Holdings
Herget Financial Corporation
Independent Alliance Banks Inc.
Johnson International Inc.
Lloyds Banking Group
Merchants Financial Group Inc.
Morgan Capital Corporation
MVB Financial Corp.
Northern Trust Corporation
Oriental Financial Group Inc.
Patriot National
Pedcor Capital LLC
Prism Group Inc.
Progressive Bancorp
Regions Financial Corporation
Resource One Inc.
Webster Financial Corporation
Wilbur Co.

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