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39 Best SEO Marketing Tools


Here are a few of my personal techniques that I love to use…

1) Identify Low Hanging Fruit with Heavy Keyword Research
The key to getting lots of organic traffic is spending 90% of your time on keyword research. You want to look for terms that have less than 100,000 search results on Google. The less the competition, the easier it is to get rankings.

2) Eliminate Keywords that Have Big Brands on the First Page
Once you have your initial list of keywords, then it is time to review the first page of search results for each term. If you see a recognized brand on the first page, then eliminate the term. An example of a recognized brand would be WebMD for health related terms.

3) Write Better Content than the First Page Results
If the top results list 5-10 ways to _____, then you want to deliver 23 ways to ______. Google keeps tracks of clicks and time on domain. To outrank everyone else, you need to get them to click and stay longer on your site than the other results.

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