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101 Ideas for Water Company Names

Water trends are being consolidated through merging technology makers creating new methods for water reuse, water desalination, and waste water management. Due to pollution in rivers and streams, water reuse is becoming more urgent for creating fresh water sources. The water utility industry is tightly regulated among federal, state, and municipal jurisdiction. In the United States, the FDA works to ensure the fair distribution and availability of water and supplies across the nation. Water quality and consumer rights are looked after with general water rates set by state regulators. The below compilation of water company names are from organizations throughout the United States that provide services and technologies related to the water industry.

American States Water Co.
American Water Works Company
Aqua America
Artesian Resources
BioPetroClean Inc.
Bloomfield Water Plant
Consolidated Water Service Inc.
Crystal Clear Technologies Inc.
Crystal Springs Water
Culligan Water Conditioning
Empire Water Co.
Enagic Inc.
EnviroTower Inc.
Epcor Water USA
GE Water
GeoPure Water Technologies LLC
Good Water Company
Greak Oaks Water Company
GWR Global Resource Corporation
Integrated Water Resources Inc.
ITT Corporation
Jornada Water Co.
Metro Pacific Investments Corp.
Middlesex Water Company
Moongate Water Company
Nalco Company
Park Water Company
PICO Holdings Inc.
Purio Inc.
RMC Water and Environment
SJW Corp.
Suex Environment
Thunder Mountain Water Co.
United Utilities
Veolia Environment
York Water Company

The following infographic takes a look at the water industry and its total market size. Worth an estimated $134 billion, the top five uses of water in the United States is seen for drinking, agriculture, industry, energy, and recreation. An average 9% of total wasted water is seen in commercial and institutional facilities.

Water Consumption Facts

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