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150 Great Catchy Smoothie Company Names

Here is a list of the 150 greatest smoothie company names of all-time. These smoothie shop names will get the “juice” flowing and help you come up with your own name.

B Fruity
Banana Beaters
Berry Que
BerryBeatz Smoothie Bar
Blended Smoothie Shop
Booster Juice
BoozeBerry Juice Bar
Channelside Smoothie Co.
Cherri Juice Co.
Clean and Green Smoothies
Clean Juice
Clementine’s Smoothie Café
Crazy Carrots Health Shakes
Crazy Straws Smoothie Shop
Cup Cup and Away
Deliriously Delicious Smoothies
Electric Smoothies
Fairytale Fruit Smoothies
For The Love Of Smoothies
FreshFast Smoothies to Go
FreshPress Juice
Frozen Delight
Frozen Fruit Smoothies
Fruit Factory Smoothies & Shakes
Fuel Smoothies
FunkiFruit Juice Fountain
Gelateria Smoothies
Goin’ Coconuts Shakes & Smoothies
Green Goddess Smoothies
Green Machine Smoothies
Green Tea Smoothie Café
GreenBerry Smooties
Greenfield Smoothies
Happy Honeydew
Health King
Health Nuts Smoothie Shop
Healthy Time Smoothies
Heart Healthy Smoothie Co.
Heavenly Huckleberry
Hippie Chick Smoothies
I Love Juice Bar
In the Mix Milkshakes & Smoothies
Islander Smoothies
Jamba Juice
Jolted Juice Bar
Juice Crafters
Juice Designs
Juice Evolution
Juice Generation
Juice It Up
Juice Me
Juicy Lucy
Jump For Juice
Lava Luau Tropical Smoothies
Leno Juice Bar
Liquid Nutrition
Live Peachy Smoothie Shop
LoveLemon Juice Bar
Mad Mango Smoothies
Magic Potion Smoothies
Main Street Smoothies
Maui Wowi
MonkeyFruit Smoothies
Muscle Man Protein Shakes
My Main Squeeze Juice
My Smoothie
Olly Organics Smoothies & Juice
Papa Smoothie
Paradise Smoothie Shop
Peachtree Smoothies
Pearanah Smoothie Parlor
Peelers Juice Parlor
Perky Papaya Smoothie Parlor
Pineapples Tropical Smoothies
Pink Parrot Tropical Smoothies
Planet Smoothie
Pomegranates Juice Parlor
POP Smoothies
Pure Juice
Qwench Juice Bar
Rainbow Smoothies
Red Mango
Royal Berry Smoothie Parlor
San Diego Juice Co.
Sara’s Smoothies & Shakes
Saturday Smoothies
Secret Garden Smoothie Shop
Showtime Smoothies
Smashed Bananas Smoothies
Smashtime Smoothies
Smitten Smoothies
Smooth Moves
Smoothie Center
Smoothie Co.
Smoothie Country
Smoothie Dreams
Smoothie Factory
Smoothie King
Smoothie Queen
Smoothie Social
Smoothie Society
Smoothie Stop
Smoothie Time!
Smoothie Zone
Smoothies 365
SOHO Spinach Smoothies
Squeeze It
Storybrooke Smoothies
Strawesome Smoothie Shop
Summertime Smoothies
Sunshine Smoothies
Super Smoothie
Supercharged Smoothies
Surf City Squeeze
Sweet Sisters Smoothie Shop
Sweet Tooth Smoothies
Swirly Smoothies & Shakes
Swizzle Smoothie Co.
Taste of Earth Smoothies
Ten Fruits
The Banana Blender
The Duke of Juice
The Frozen Kiwi Fruit Juice Café
The Joyful Juicer
The Juice Box
The Smoothie Cycle
The Smoothie Fairy
The Smoothie Life
The Smoothie Shop
The Smoothie Spot
The Twisted Strawberry
Tri-City Smoothies
Tutti Frutti Smoothies
Vitality Bowls
Watson Fruit Company
Wholesome Smoothies
WinterPop Slush Shop
Yogen Fruz
Zenergy Smoothies

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