39 Ideas for Meat Company Names

Meat consumption in the United States has been on a decline over the last decade. Multiple factors have contributed to this change such as perceived health rusks associated with red meat consumption. As a result, many consumers have switched to poultry has a healthier source of animal protein. Although consumer trends have changed, the market has still seen increasing growth due to new value added products that allow convenient dinner options to be sold for easy cooking. The following collection of meat company names are from processes and meat suppliers across the United States.

Advance Brands
American Meat Company
B&B Meat Co.
Best Choice Meat Co.
Buckeye Meat Co.
Capital Meat Co.
Country Home Meat Co.
Cusack Meat Company
Del Monte Meat Co.
Freedman Meats Inc.
Great Western Meat Co.
Grillmasters Meat Co.
Hartman Meat Co.
Harvest Meat Company Inc.
Harvet Meat Co.
Heartland Meat Co.
King Kutters Meat Co.
Lakeside Meat Co.
Larry’s Meat
Longhorn Meat Co. Inc.
Malcolm Meats Co.
Meadowbrook Meat Co. Inc.
Mims Meat Co.
Nicholson’s Meat Co.
O’Steen Meat Specialties Inc.
Pioneer Meat Co.
Prime Meat Co.
Rising Spring Meat Company
Sasser Meat Co.
Schwab Meat Co.
Serv-Rite Meat Co. Inc.
Southern Pride Meat Co.
Springfrield Meat Co.
Standard Meat Co.
Swingle Meat Co.
Trio Supply
Union Meat
Winn Meat Company
Zummo Meat Co.

With the onset of smaller households and families and more working mothers, meat packaging suppliers have had to look at new ways to moving their products to meet the needs of consumers. With the Hispanic and Asian Americans expecting to triple over the next 50 years, beef ranchers and farms are taking new initiatives to target their segments. These are started to be tested with Kroger through their retailer divisions such as Dillons. The below infographic outlines facts about raising meat and the best age to slaughter.

Raising Your Own Meat Facts