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125 Great Catchy Herbal Business Names

The industry surrounding herbs and herbal products is a billion dollar industry in the United States. There has been a major shift in focus to people’s health, which has caused a great boom in these types of stores and businesses. If you are thinking of beginning your very own herbal store than choosing a unique name that will help you stand out from all of the competition is key. Here are some names of existing herbal companies around the country to give you inspiration for your own!

Alter Ego Labs
American Botanical Pharmacy
Azteca Herbal Supply
Bear Nutrition
Bestherb Inc.
Better Choices Better Living
Better Wish Herbal
Blue Heron Herbary
Blue Phoenix
Blue River Wellness
Clary Sage Herbarium
Contemporary Nutrition
Deer Oriental Herb Store
Diet Standards
Dragon Herbarium
Duo Wen
Dupont Nutrition
Earth Essential Herbal
Earth Swing Herbal
Eden Source Herbals
Exquisite Nutrition
Flores Spices & Herbs
Forest Joy Herbalupply
Garden Thyme Herbal Supply
General Nutrition Center
Good Wave Herbal
Green Ace Herbal Supply
Green Dot Herbal
Green Man
Green Pick Herbal Supply
Green Pixel Herbal Supply
Green Ray Herbal Supply
Green Zest Herbal Supply
Grey Herbs
Happy Earth Herbal
Happy Herbs
Healthee U
Hearken Natural Herbs
Herb Bar
Herb Import Co
Herb Stomp
Herbal Health Center
Herbal Remedy Place
Herbo Crew Herbal
Herbs of Mexico
Herbs Spice Everything Nice
High Zing Herbal Supply
Holly Herbs
Janlin Nutrition
Jing Herbs
Kold Water
Land of Milk and Honey
Lavender Dreams Herbal Supply
Leaf Baby Herbal
Lifetime Associates
Livin Herbal Supply
Magpie Tea Garden
Mainstream Nutrition
Max Ming Herbal
May Made
Maypop Herb Shop
Meal Prep Spices
Merylin Herbal
Moment Crest
Natu Sense
NatuMix Herbal Supply
Nature Curls
Nature Fest
Nature Flip
Nature Leaf
Nature Motion
Nature Moto Herbal
Nature Move Herbal Supply
Nature Nest
Nature Reflects
Nature Root Herbal
Nature Spring
Nature’s Sunshine
Naturo Sciences
New High Herbs & Tea
North Man Herbal Supply
North Wood Herbal Supply
Noyolla Herbal Supply
Nutrition Care Connection
Nutrition Club
Nutrition First
PCT Herbs
Practical Magick LLC
Professional Technicians
Purple Vital
Renu Herbs
Return to Nature
Ron Teeguarden Enterprise
Rosalie Apothecary
Sassy Herbs
Simply Natures Pure
Song Herbal
Stonefly Spice Co
Sunshine Health Professionals
Sweet Serene
The Garden Market
The Greenhouse
The Herb Shoppe
The Herbal Apothecary
The Natural Path
The Vital Compass
The Vitaminbox
Tierra Madre Herbs
Tomorrow’s Health
Twilight Herbs
Upsense Herbal
Urbanhex Herbal
Vita Root Herbal
White Daisy Herbal
You Spice Herbal
Your Herbs Herbal Supply

Tiffany Burnetts goes to visit a little herb shop in China Town on this segment of Chinatown USA on the travel channel. She talks to the owners about all that they have to offer their customers and talks about how much she loves herbal shops.

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