37 Best Theatre Company Names

The traditional theatre business is slow from dying. While technology has increased in accessibility and effects, theatre productions still thrive. The top three theatre shows attended are Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and Disney’s The Lion King. An estimated 40% of viewers love interactive theatre and more than half of viewers find it to be a great idea to stream live performances. The following list of theatre company names are compiled below from existing theatre productions and services.

Afro Solo Theatre Co.
All in One Entertainment
Annie Russell Theatre
Beacon Cinema Group
Behind the Mask Studio/Theatre
Black Box Theatre
Black Sheep Theatre
Carver Theatre Developers
Charm City
Chelsea Theatre Works
Cutler Majestice Theatre
Cygnet Theatre
Elite Performance
Eveoke Dance Theatre
Fiddlehead Theatre
Garden Theatre
Huntington Theatre Company
Improv Comedy Club
Interamerica Stage Inc.
Ion Theatre Company
Mad Cow Theatre
Margeson Theatre
Navarasa Dance Theatre
New Repertory Theatre Inc.
Off Broadway West Theatre Co.
Santuary Theatre
The Eureka Theatre
The Factory Theatre
The Home Theatre Company
The Nora Theatre Company
The Paramount Center
V Theater
Virago Theatre
Wang Theater
Westview Theatre Company
Zeitgeist Stage Company

In the United Kingdom alone, an estimated 63% have attended at least a single theatre production that year. An average one in every five attendees write social media reviews and blogs following their theatre trip. Attendence rates have increased by more than 70% in the last five years. The below infographic outlines the facts and trends of the theatre industry.

Theatre Industry Facts