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51 Funny Pool League Team Names

Participating in a pool league is one ways to help generate interest and competition. Charging a small fee such as $10 a player will provide a prize fund to the winning team when it comes to championship time. A regular season can run 14 weeks plus 2 weeks for the playoffs. For an average of 8, 5 person teams the first place prize should be $1000 followed by second place at $700 and third place at $500. League funds can be increased by sponsor fees from local restaurants, nightclubs, and other business sponsors. A variety of pool league team names are listed below from other existing pool teams to help inspire your own creativity for branding your own league team name.

8 Balls Of Fire
A Few Sticks Shy
All Chalked Up
Alpha Cue
Back in the Whole
Baize of Glory
Ball Breakers
Bank N Spanks
Breaking Racks and Hearts
Chalk and Awe
Chalk It Up
Cheeze It
Cool in the Pool
Crazy 88’s
Cue Branch
Cue Tips
Diamond Cutters
Full Cue
Got Balls
Green Rollers Inc.
In the Pocket
Just Snookin’
Lounge Lizards
Money Shot
Ounce of Fury
Pocket Pool
Pocket Rockets
Poke & Hope
Pool Tang Clan
Rack Em
Rack Lovers
Rail Riders
Reaching Third Base
Rubber and Liquor
Scratch This
Sidewalk Chalk
Sink or Swim
Snookin’ For Love
Stick it to ‘Em
Sticks & Stones
The Bus Boys
The English Majors
The Hot Pockets
The Kiss Offs
The Magic 8 Balls
The Shockers
The Snook of Love
The Spin Doctors
The Third Input
Three Rails
Triple threat

To be successful in pool competition, the following strategies outlined in the below infographic can be employed to increase your chances. One key strategy is to wear clothing that matches the color of the ball to help distort your opponents view. Another strategy is to be sure to stimulate your opponents alcohol content by purchasing them a few extra drinks.

Winning Pool Strategies

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