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26 Impressive Time Management Strategies

The Perfect Formula for Time Management
Time management is a difficult skill for anyone to learn. However, there is a generalized formula that can help you to stay on top of your game when it comes to managing your time the most effectively. For those that are stressed, or even new to the time management game, this can be really useful and good news. In this article, we will give you three main tactics and a variety of ways to execute them. All of these things, combined, can help you reach your goals and become a time management master.

Here’s a great infographic going over a few great time management tips for business owners:


Break Things Down
The hardest part of getting started is taking the first step. Before you begin any task, start by breaking it down into small tasks. You may want to give these tasks deadlines throughout the process, break them into hour long or partial day increments. Once this is done, decide who you can delegate some of the tasks to, if possible. Think about having meetings on individual tasks that last only an hour or so, not huge meetings that take hours. Try to have these meetings during the first few hours of the work day, if possible.

Make Things End
Especially intense jobs or work can wear on someone. Throughout your day, have goal posts to meet in order to take a short break from really intense work, but just for a few moments. Be sure to set hard deadlines for yourself when it comes to projects and tasks. This will help you to end things, and not let jobs drag on and on, as they sometimes can if you have not set a good timetable for yourself. Also decide what smaller tasks you can actually get done in a day before trying to tackle a lot. Only plan for about a half day’s work, at most.

Keeping Track of Tasks
Keeping track of tasks can help productivity soar, and keep you from being unorganized, or letting things fall off your plate. Keep a list of every little to-do (both personal and work related) that pops into your head. Once out, these things cannot pop back into your head and haunt you throughout the day. Prioritize your list to get the most important things done first. Once tasks are done, be sure to mark them off. You may want to set-aside time each day to do prioritizing and list generation.

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