39 Best Catchy Health Fair Slogans

Health fairs are put on by schools, companies, or communities in order to reach out in order to provide knowledge and medical screenings to people that may not know much about the topic. It is a preventative measure and a highly beneficial tool for many people. These fairs are often interactive, and certain people are in charge of different areas. Slogans can be a great way to inspire and help people remember important information. Here are some great health fair slogans.

An Apple A Day Does Keep The Doctor Away.
Be Safe, Not Sorry.
Be Smart, Don’t Start!
Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Happy!
Change 4 Life.
Clean Hands Save Lives.
Danger: Fast Food Kills.
Don’t Focus On The Skinny. Do Focus On The Healthy.
Eat Healthy, Work Hard, Worry Less.
Eat Healthy. Be Healthy!
Eat Well. Move More. Live Longer.
Eat. Move. Hydrate. Sleep. Love.
Having A Healthy Mind Is Just As Important As A Healthy Body.
Health From A to Z.
Health is Wealth.
Healthy Isn’t A Goal. It’s A Way Of Living.
If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change.
Imagine. Invent. Inspire.
It’s Your Choice, Make It Healthy!
Just For The Health Of It!
Love Your Body.
Love Yourself Enough To Live A Healthy Life.
Make Your Health The Priority.
Resolve To Be Fit.
Stay Strong and Eat Healthy.
Stop Saying “I Wish”. Start Saying “I Will”.
Sweat Like A Pig. Look Like A Fox.
Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only Place You Have To Live In.
The First Step Is Always The Hardest…But You’ll Never Regret It.
Think Healthy Thoughts.
Walk To Health.
What You Eat IN Private, Is Eventually What You Wear In Public.
Working Together For Health.
You Are The Key…To Your Health.
You Are What You Eat.
You Don’t Have To Eat Less, You Just Have To Eat Right.
You Say Elevator. I Say Stairs.
Your Body Is Your Most Priceless Possession.
Your Good Health Is Your Greatest Wealth.

This great video is about one hospital who decided to reach out to the community in order to educate them about the importance of practicing good heart health.