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101 Best Catchy Health Fair Slogans

Health fairs are put on by schools, companies, or communities in order to reach out in order to provide knowledge and medical screenings to people that may not know much about the topic. It is a preventative measure and a highly beneficial tool for many people. These fairs are often interactive, and certain people are in charge of different areas. Slogans can be a great way to inspire and help people remember important information. Here are some great health fair slogans.

A Few Minutes A Day For A Healthier You.
A Healthy Body Holds a Healthy Soul and Mind.
A healthy outside starts from the inside.
A sound mind in a sound body.
Always have good health.
An Ounce of Public Health is Worth a Pound of Health Care.
Are you healthy and happy?
Be at ease without disease.
Be Safe, Not Sorry.
Be Smart, Don’t Start!
Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Happy!
Change 4 Life.
Check in With Your Health.
Commit to be Fit.
Danger: Fast Food Kills.
Don’t be a Brat burn that Fat.
Don’t Focus On The Skinny. Do Focus On The Healthy.
Eat Healthy, Work Hard, Worry Less.
Eat Healthy. Be Healthy!
Eat right and the pants won’t be tight.
Eat right or don’t bother.
Eat the best, leave the rest.
Eat Well. Move More. Live Longer.
Eat wise, drop a size.
Eat. Move. Hydrate. Sleep. Love.
Emotional health is gonna save your day.
Fall for Health – Take your first step today!
Fitness for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Fitness Matters, Wellness Works.
Fitter, Healthier, Happier.
Get a jump on your day!
Go green, go clean and go fit.
Go Healthy and Happy.
Good health is good business.
Good health is true wealth.
Happiness, laughter and positive attitude.
Having A Healthy Mind Is Just As Important As A Healthy Body.
He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.
Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege.
Health From A to Z.
Health is a Boon – Care for it .
Health Is a Human Right.
Health is not valued till sickness comes.
Health is Precious – Protect it.
Health Is Priority #1.
Health is the condition of wisdom and the sign is cheerfulness.
Health is the real wealth.
Health is Wealth.
Health Matters!
Healthy Isn’t A Goal. It’s A Way Of Living.
Healthy person begets Healthy environment.
Helping Others Stay Alive.
Hustle to gain more muscle.
I eat really healthy, and if I’m tired, I take a nap.
If health is lost, everything is lost.
If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change.
If you’re happy, if you’re feeling good then nothing else matters.
Investing in health will produce enormous benefits.
It’s better to be healthy alone than sick with someone else.
It’s time to live healthily.
It’s Your Choice, Make It Healthy!
Just For The Health Of It!
Keep This Treasure Safe.
Laughter is the best medicine.
Looking after my health today gives me the better hope for tomorrow.
Love Your Body.
Love Yourself Enough To Live A Healthy Life.
Make Your Health The Priority.
Money isn’t real wealth.
Move it or lose it!
No Smallpox – No Polio – Know Public Health.
Prevention is better than cure!
Proud to Be Smoke-Free.
Resolve To Be Fit.
Rest a while and run a mile.
Running to the Future.
Seven Days Without Exercise Makes One Week.
Shape it Up.
Stay Strong and Eat Healthy.
Stay Strong, Live long.
Stop Saying “I Wish”. Start Saying “I Will”.
Take care of your body and it will take care of you.
Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only Place You Have To Live In.
The Best Way to a Man’s Heart is Through his Stomach.
The First Step Is Always The Hardest…But You’ll Never Regret It.
The first wealth is health.
The groundwork of all happiness is health.
Think Healthy Thoughts.
Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.
Walk To Health.
When you’ve got your health, you got everything.
Without Health, Life is Almost Dead.
Working Together For Health.
You Are The Key…To Your Health.
You are what you eat from your head down to your feet.
You Are What You Eat.
You Don’t Have To Eat Less, You Just Have To Eat Right.
You Say Elevator. I Say Stairs.
Your Body Is Your Most Priceless Possession.
Your Good Health Is Your Greatest Wealth.
Your Health Comes First.

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