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37 Second Birthday Invitation Wording Examples

Turning 2 is a milestone for a lot of children as they are launched into their toddler years and start to proceed forward with an array of growth opportunities. With small developing ones, having a smaller party will ensure that your 2 year old does not hit overload. A rule of thumb when it comes to toddler parties is to invite as many kids as your child is turning. For a two year old, 2 toddler guests is a good rule of thumb. A selection of fun second birthday invitation wording will help to inspire your creativity for personalizing toddler’s birthday invitation.

You’re invited to a party, a WILD time is waiting for you. Come join us to celebrate, [name] is turning TWO.

You are cordially invited to my 2nd birthday. Wear the best of your princess gowns. We will surely have fun!

We will have a party So please be free It’s my second birthday! Have some slice of my cake!

We will have a party of Justice League Be sure to dress up and join the league Come and Party with us!

We prepared balloons, cake, and games for our little sweetie. Play with her and celebrate her 2nd birthday with lots of glee.

We can’t believe it, though we know it’s true. Our sweet [name] is turning 2!

Two years ago we were blessed with a Daughter/Son And I could not express, the joy and happiness of the last two years, Please come to celebrate [name] 2nd birthday, and Join with us the celebrate.

Time flies so fast It’s another year that passed It’s my baby girl’s another birthday! Make sure to come and say hey!

The year went to fast, and now I turning 2. And for my birthday, I want to play with you!

The word is out – Yes it’s true… Our sweet little boy is turning Two! Join us in celebrating.

The cake is too big for my tummy I need help to eat it wholly Have some slice and candies too, Just come to my party as I turn two!

Special occasions are best celebrated with family and friends With my child’s 2nd birthday, we wish to spend it with you Let’s cherish the moment. Come and please join us.

Someone sweet is turning two…We’re having a party and we need you!

Play with me In my birthday party Have some balloons and cake Gifts would be great!

Our little girl/boy is turning two and we can’t celebrate without you!

My little prince will have his 2nd birthday His wish is to have his friends around So, please come and party with us!

My little girl is turning two, Have some cake and balloons too, You’re invited so please come Celebrate and let’s have fun!

My girl’s 2nd birthday is here! Come and share some cheer There will be balloons and cake Drinks, sweets and chocolates

My Angel is turning two, Let’s not make her feel blue, Attend her party and make her smile, The cake is big enough for us!

Mom prepare some candies And bake a cake with sweet icings I’d like to share them to you If you party with me as I turn two!

Lunch, Cake and Fun with You, [name] is turning two!

It’s our son/daughter’s 2nd birthday. Please come and make the occasion a memorable event, in our kid’s life.

It’s my second birthday! Please come and complete my day.

It’s my 2nd birthday. All of my friends are invited. So are you, my friend. Please come and have fun with us!

It went so quickly, The days just flew. It’s hard to believe [name] going to be 2!

It is time to celebrate, as our son/daughter is turning two, And without you there is no celebration for us, So please come and join in our party.

Ice cream, cake and fun with you, all for a little girl/boy who’s turning two!

I’m turning 2, hurray! Let’s celebrate my second birthday!

I’m turning 2 today, and I’m inviting you to join in the fun!

I’m about to celebrate birthday number two, It’s the same date as last year! We’ve got the food and the birthday cheer. All we miss is you!

I got a big cake to eat, but only a small tummy. So come to my birthday party, It’ll be a real treat.

Filled with games and cakes and presents, I invite you to my birthday party. It’ll be a day well spent, so long as you’re with me!

Birthday parties are so much fun, Especially when it’s your 2nd one! [name] invites you to join the fun!

Ala-ka-zam! Ala-ka-zoo! [name] is turning two! Please join us for A magical celebration.

A day is coming, we’ll give you a clue, It’s [name] birthday and he’s turning 2!

[name] turning 2, you’re invited to her Petting Zoo!

[name] is turning Two, He’s having a Party and Inviting You!

The below infographic provides a milestone guide to infant and toddlers to help measure up your child’s current growth rate. By the time your child almost turns two, they should be able to follow 2 step directions and identify works and communicate. By the age of 19 months, a child can learn an average of 10 new words a day.

Toddler Milestone Guide

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