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15 Lessons Learned from Walt Disney

Walt Disney is a personality who is revered across the world, even if people are not really aware of the life and times of the man. He has not only been a successful entrepreneur and an astute artist but his life has inspired generations of people from various walks of life. The compilation of 15 life lessons from Walt Disney is a sneak peek into the ideals and philosophies that the man believed in and what did go onto make him uniquely different from others.

The following infographic provides a timeline to the history and success of Walt Disney’s life.

Interesting Facts About Walt Disney

Walt Disney’s Philosophy

Failure is a way of life and not many people realize that simple truth. Walt Disney was not only a failure in his formative years but he was an industry reject. He was looked down upon and frowned upon at a time when there were several revolutions in the field of art and culture. Across the world, people were opening up to new ideas and warming up to concepts that no one knew would be possible or popular. Despite being shown a cold shoulder, Walt Disney stuck to his artistry, believed in it and revealed in it. His journey has since then been one of the many hallmarks of what America and Hollywood in particular.

The 15 life lessons from Walt Disney are not a crash course on philosophies or doctrines of a preacher. They are quite simple realities of life that most people do not pay heed to. When such realities are highlighted upon from the perspective of a successful person who is also a statesman, the truths get communicated more effectively.

Strategies to Reach Success

Some truths as simple as keeping things in perspective, not to be afraid to seek or ask for help, to always act instead of sitting back, to keep trying without giving up and working hard are the lessons that one can learn from Walt Disney. It is not so that the man had deliberately preached what he learnt from life or how he lived his life. It is just what his thoughts were and how he perceived life, relationships, work, struggle, failure, success, stardom and celibacy.

Walt Disney’s life doesn’t just provide an insight as to how one should plan one’s life but also how one should not plan his life and always do what one is good at and intends to do. Taking risks, not settling down thinking one knows enough, to keep dreaming till it comes true and beyond are just some of the traits of the great man that have inspired generations.

Explore the 15 life lessons which can be a more than mildly enlightening experience.

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