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37 Incredible Twitter Tips from the Pros


Twitter is the most engaging social media site right now. It is more active than Facebook and the frantic real time correspondences which are always open ended and multi-way make it the most interesting social media platform. Whether you are an individual looking for some traction online or you wish to promote your company, you need to become a Twitter pro. There are millions of companies trying to vie for the attention of Twitter users and thus you need to have a degree of omnipresence and it should be effective. Here is a brief guide on how to become a Twitter Pro.

1) Set Up Your Profile That Is Poised For Popularity.
Choose a handle that best describes you. You could opt for your name or the name of your company as the profile name but the handle can always be something cooler. Have an image that makes people remember who you are. Individuals should have a headshot image. Companies should use a high contrast logo or trademark. The Twitter bio must be short but sufficient. Having a website address, mentioning just a few words to highlight what is unique about you and adding character would be sufficient. Bland bios or stating the obvious will be futile. One has to incite the curiosity of the users to turn them into followers.

2) Tweeting Is Not As Simple As Publishing Or Sharing Random Posts.
Don’t just follow the trends. You need to understand what works and then come up with a strategy that will work for you. For a starter, tweets should be around a hundred characters which would leave space for people who would re-tweet the posts to add something of their own. Tweets should have a concise message, a link and then a hash tag. The hash tag is more of an afterthought. The message is the introduction and the link is the illustrated post. Tweeting headlines or sharing something boring will not be helpful. You shouldn’t just tweet the title of an article and then a link. Use a quote or a fact from the article that will fuel the curiosity of your followers and that would generate the traction you need.

3) Images, Videos And Quotes Are The Most Effective Forms Of Content On Twitter.
A tweet with an image has the most likelihood to be re-tweeted. Finally, you should engage with your followers. Like, share, comment, respond to questions, participate in discussions and don’t be afraid to opinionate.

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