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37 Great Global Warming Slogans and Taglines

This generation has brought about increasing awareness of global warming threats. Since 1980 alone, an two thirds of the mean surface temperature has increased, which is believed to be caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases, the burning of fossil fuels, and continued deforestation. The following global warming slogans have been used by others to gain attention to the threats of global warming. Future impact is expected to result in extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts, acidification of the ocean, and species extinctions from shifting temperatures. These slogans are meant to inspire you in making your own strides to raise awareness.

Avoid a Meltdown! Stop Global Warming.
Babies today, carbon tomorrow.
Being Cool has never been so hot.
Can you keep it Cool?
Care for our planet? Go green.
Consume less, save money .
Cool kids help a warm planet.
Don´t cook yourself.
Don’t burn your kids future.
Earth is slowly dying. Save her, go green.
Give earth a chance.
Global Warming – it’s not just a lot of hot air.
Global warming is damn hot.
Global warming is not cool.
Global warming or global Greening? Choose wisely.
Global warming! Bad for farming!
Global warming, a Global warning.
Global Warming: We have a solution, Stop Pollution!
If today you will burn fossil fuel tomorrow you might be fossil under the sea.
If you like drinking water, stop ozone slaughter!
It won’t take much energy – to conserve energy
It´s your house, don´t damage the roof!
Listen to this global warning, take some care and stop the warming!
More renewable energy, more life for the planet.
Move your home close to work.
No more coal.
No Pollution is the solution.
Pay your energy bill with coins.
Polar Bears are on Thin Ice: Stop Global Warming.
Save energy to save our planet
Say no to the ozone hole!
Snow is melting the Earth is crying!
The Earth has a fever. Is Man a virus?
Think of our Future. Lets make a change now.
Turn off the lights before you perish.
Without earth no birth!
Your ambition should be to stop emission.

As global warming awareness increases each year, understanding the causes and effects of a warming climate can bring about change. The below infographic explains what global warming is and future impact of it.
Understanding Global Warming

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