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37 Good Catchy Compliance Program Slogans

Compliance programs are commonly implemented in work environments to help put a focus on quality and safety standards. Getting your employees motivated and excited about a compliance program can be quite a challenge. Using fun slogans and signs can be one good way to achieve this. Here is a good list of compliance program slogans to help you get your team on board!

A Careful Worker Is The Best Safety Device.
Accidents Are Avoidable.
Be Alert – Don’t Get Hurt.
Be Careful. Be Aware. Be Safe.
Be Good, Do Good.
Be Honest. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.
Be Safe. Not Sorry.
Be The Best!
Care. Comply.
Do Not Try To Lift More Than You Are Able.
Don’t Put Your Life On The Line.
Expect The Unexpected.
Eyes Are Priceless. Eye Protection Is Cheap.
Get Smart – Use Safety From The Start.
Good Housekeeping Promotes Safety. Pick Up. Clean Up.
Make Safety Your Priority.
Quality Protects Jobs.
Remember – The Next Inspector Is The Customer.
Safety- A Habit Of A Lifetime.
Safety Has No Quitting Time.
Safety Is A State Of Mind!
Safety Is Something To Celebrate.
Safety Is The Key To Accident Free.
Safety Works When People Work Together.
Safety. Quality. Excellence.
Safety Starts With You!
Speak Up If It’s Not Safe.
Stupid Hurts. Safety First!
The Price Of An Accident Is Always High.
The Right Way Is The Safe Way.
The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right.
Think Before You Act.
Think Safety Before You Start.
Think Safety. Work Safely.
Wash Or Gel Your Hands, EVERY TIME.
You Are The Key To Your Safety.
You Can’t Get Home, Unless You’re Safe.

This great video gives you the run down on the basics of a successful compliance program. Understanding the appropriate way to approach these subjects with employees is key to getting corporation.

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