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125 Good Tea Company Names

In any given day, more than 51% of American’s are drinking tea. An estimated 85% of tea consumed in the United States is used. Some of the global trends being seen with tea is the use of tea pops and new herbal varieties. Fruit is also becoming a large alternative to sweeten tea, removing the necessity for sugar and artificial ingredients. Increasing options are becoming available for organic tea and reusable tea tins. A series of good tea company names from across the United States is listed below to help inspire the creation of your own tea brand.

52 Teas
A Ching’s Taste
Ahmad Tea
Anna Marie’s Teas
Apurno Tea Bird Company
Art of Tea
Assam Secret
Au Bon Pain
Baked and Wired
Bare Tea
Barry’s Tea
BeBe Bloom Tea
Bentley’s Tea
Big Bear Cafe
Black Bubble
Black Ossum Tea
Blue Scene Tea
Brew Splash
Bring Blissy
Brooke Bond
Cafe Bonaparte
Capital Teas
Jing Tea Shop
Celebration Herbals
Celestial Seasonings
Ching Ching Cha
Clipper Tea
Jasmine Pearl Tea Company
Cozy Tea
Cup O tea
Dream About Tea
Eden Organic
Empire Tea & Coffee
Every Spice Tea
Floating Leaves
Flying Fish Coffee and Tea
Fortnum & Mason
Ginger Blend
Glengettie tea
Good Earth Tea
Kilogram Tea
Got Tea?
Green Terrace Teas
Harney & Sons
Heaven Delight
Heaven Pulse
Heavenly Tea Leaves
Honest Tea
Horniman’s Tea
Imperial Tea Court
Little Red Cup
Infusion Tea
Jolt N Bolt
Kaleisia Tea Lounge
Kusmi Tea
Lancashire Tea
Le Palais des Thés
Lovely Darling
Luk Yu
Lyons Tea
Madame Flavour
Mariage Frères
Mighty Leaf Tea
Mystic Burst
Natura Coffee & Tea
Nature Close Tea
Numi Organic Tea
Peace Tea
Ping Pong Dim Sum
Pom Pom’s Tea House
Red Diamond
Red Rose Tea
Refreshiya Sip
Rose and Lotus Tea
Saffron Sip
Salada tea
Serenity Garden Tea House
Shanghai Teahouse
Shing Wang Bubble Tea Cafe
Sidamo Coffee and Tea
Simple Moment Tea
Soho Tea & Coffee
Spice & Tea Exchange
Stash Tea
Street Hut Sip
Sweet Leaf Tea
Take a Sip
Tapal Tea
Tata Tea Limited
Tea Cup Tea Room
Tea Rose Cottage
Tea Turban
Teaism Restaurant
Teavana Tea Store
Ten Fu Group
The Garden Gate Tea Room
The Hooker Tea Co.
The Superia Sip
Turkey Hill
Tynan Coffee & Tea
U Street Cafe
Upton Tea
Whittard of Chelsea
Wild Sippers
Windsor Rose Tea Room
Wisteria Tea Room & Cafe
Yogi Tea
Yorkshire Tea
24 Tea Industry Statistics and Trends You Need to Know About

Black tea is considered to be the most popular tea, consumed by 85% tea drinkers. A quarter of tea drinkers choose to consume a ready to drink or iced tea mix. Approximately, 65% of tea drinkers use tea bags. Only 10% look to instant and loose leaf tea. With over 6 main varieties available in tea, there are many health benefits associated with its consumption. From calorie burning to rich antioxidents, increasing bone density, and fighting bacteria and viruses. The following infographic outlines additional health benefits and facts about tea.

Tea Facts

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