37 Catchy Real Estate Team Names

The real estate market has been doing a turn around in recent time. Only 16% of today’s new home purchases are driving all other recent home purchases. The average home purchased is 1,900 square feet and three bedrooms. To market your real estate team and capture more sales, the following list of real estate team names from across the United States is meant to inspire your own team collaborated effort.

(Full Name) Real Estate Team
(Last Name) Realty Team
(Location) Team
(State) Team Realty
Advance Team (Location)
Advanced Realty
Agent Hero
A-Team Homes
Best Management Team
Exit Realty Home Team
Fate Team
Future Home Realty
Gold Partners Real Estate Team
Home Team Agent
Homebuyers Team
I-Net Realty Inc.
Newcastle Team
Pleasant Home Team
Pro Team
Professional Real Estate Team
Real Estate Solutions Team
SeaReal Team
Serenity Real Estate Team
Short Sale Pro Team
Team (First Name)
Team Diva Real Estate
Team Golden Homes
The Cascade Team Real Estate
The Global Real Estate Team
The Littlefield Team
The Management Team
The Sharp Team
Tiger Team Realty
Total Realty Team
Triple Advantage Real Estate Team
Z Team

The real estate market has been changing this past year. The infographic posted below outlines common characteristics of today’s home buyers. 39% of these buyers are first time home owners and have an average age of 42 years old.
Characteristics of Today's Home Buyer