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36 Best Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

36 Best Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Successful Online Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever wondered why some people make a fortune in online business, while others struggle and don’t make a penny? The answer to that question usually boils down to marketing and engagement with potential customers. You might very well have a great product or service, but you are going to fail if no-one knows anything about it. A well-rounded marketing campaign can lead you to success, with each of the following 5 methods considered to be among the most effective:

1. Guest blogging
Getting the word out often means straying from the cozy confines of your own website or blog. Look for blogs that are relevant to the niche you are marketing and ask if you can deliver a guest post. Try to come up with something exciting or creative that solves a common problem or frequently asked question in your niche. Add images and video to give it an extra pop, but make sure that your spelling and grammar is on point so that you impress the reader.

2. Press releases
This is another effective way to get the word out about what you have to offer. You could create a glitzy looking press release for a sale or new product launch, making sure to deliver as much relevant content as possible. Use high quality images to highlight the release, but don’t resort to using testimonials, as those can bring down the quality quite quickly.

3. Infographics
These are quickly becoming all the rage for those that want to use facts and figures to highlight trends in a particular industry. Pages and pages of text can be boring, but that same information condensed and placed in an informative infographic can get all the salient information across in a way that makes it easier for the reader to digest.

4. Personal posts
There is no better way to build trust and a solid relationship with your customers than to go with a personal post on your blog or website. You still want to get across the information about what you are trying to do, but in such a way that the customer does not feel as though they are being given a hard sell. A good example of a personal post is one that answers questions you are frequently asked by potential customers. Not only do you answer those questions in a way that feels personal, you are also cutting down the amount of time you might otherwise have to spend answering the same question over and over again.

5. E-books
When it comes to online marketing, content is king. There really is no better way to get into detail about what you are delivering than the e-book. You can go into as much detail as necessary, with no concern about space constraints. E-books also serve as a great incentive on your site, especially if you give them away to customers that are still on the fence about buying from you.

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