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36 Best Link Building Strategies that Still Work

Indulging in internet marketing is no longer an option or a choice. It has become imperative for all types of companies, regardless of its size, location, modus operandi and eventual objectives among others factors. Internet marketing is a vast exercise and there are numerous technical concepts that come into play.

The following infographic outlines the best strategies for building links through content marketing versus alternative methods used in the past for link building.

LinkBuilding Content

An Understanding of Backlinks

Backlinks is only one element of internet marketing but it is one of the most significant. Backlinks determine if your website or a certain webpage, your social network profile or social media page, YouTube channel or your sales pages, are getting enough exposure. It is by the virtue of backlinks that you get to route traffic to your website or to a specific webpage of your choice and need. In simpler terms, backlinks are like the traditional giant billboards seeing which passersby would call up your business enquiring about the product or service that you have advertised.

Internet marketing is still in its nascent stages and not many companies have got their strategies right. Search engine optimization, backlinks, link wheels and social media management among others are still evolving and very few people have mastered the basics of these concepts. Your backlinks can work wonders if you do it right or they can go horribly wrong and cause your site to be penalized by major search engines for malpractices.

In the slide share, you would come across 36 ways to build backlinks that would weave a magical spell in the virtual world, leading to more exposure for your brand, products or services and you shall eventually enjoy more traffic. In internet marketing, more traffic is the first checkpoint, accomplishing which you would get more leads and the possibility of sales would surge northwards.

The Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks cannot be posted on websites that do not have great quality or relevant content to offer. You cannot go around the virtual world and keep posting backlinks everywhere and anywhere you want. Not only is that not possible but it is also not advisable. Backlinks posted on poor quality sites or shade sites would lead to a loss of significance and relevance of your website. You would gradually lose your website ranking on search engines like Google and naturally, you would lose traffic instead of gaining.

The 36 ways that are shared in the slide share are tried and tested. Using these proven ways, you can certainly get your backlinks right and enjoy fascinatingly increasing traffic.

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