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12 First Communion Invitation Wording Samples

The First Holy Communion is considered to be the first sacrament in the Catholic Church out of seven. During this celebration, the believer receives the blood and body of Jesus Christ. The significance of this event is also based on the symbolism of the last supper when Jesus broke bread with his disciples. A selection of First Communion invitation wording samples have been provided below to help inspire the appropriate use of wording you can choose to use for celebrating this event.

[name] have the pleasure of inviting you to the First Communion of their daughter [name].

[name] will receive his/her First Holy Communion.

[name] would like you to join him and his family to celebrate his First Holy Communion.

God has blessed us with an angel sent from above, Our precious [Name] a gift of our love!

Our darling little angel was sent from heaven above. Please celebrate her/his Communion and surround her with your love!

Our precious gift from heaven above will be welcomed into God’s family with love.

Please join us as [name] accepts the the bread and wine of Christ at her First Holy Communion Ceremony.

Please worship and celebrate with us the First Holy Communion of our son/daughter.

The bread of life… The cup of joy…This will be a blessed day.

We’re joyfully bringing our son / daughter into the love and grace of God’s family. We invite you to celebrate the Communion of [name].

With joyful hearts with invite you to share in [name] First Communion.

You shared my union with Christ in Holy Baptism, Now celebrate with me as I receive my First Holy Communion.

In the United States, the Catholic population makes up for over 30.5% of the adult population. The Catholic Church is known as having the largest number of adherents by County in America. Overall in the United States, an estimated 78.4% consider themselves to be Christian with less than 5% as other religions and 16.1% unaffiliated. The below infographic outlines the statistics of religious devotion in America.

US Religious Denomination Statistics

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