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37 Inspirational Employee Farewell Card Messages

Recent statistics dictate that employee turnover is an average of 3%. To mitigate the negative impact of employees leaves, offer a competitive benefits package for your employees, provide small perks, and other incentives to keep motivation and productivity high. The following list of employee farewell card messages you can use to share with dedicated employees that are currently in the process of resigning.

A new job is like a blank book and you are the author.
A new job is not a new beginning it is a path to create a new ending.
All of us will miss you , and we would like to say We hope this farewell card brings you good luck Each and every day!
Bosses like you are one in a million. We know that you are going to spread smiles and light up lives wherever you go. You will be dearly missed. Farewell.
Did you know that they don’t make bosses like you anymore? The next team you manage is going to be lucky to have you. Farewell and cheers.
Employees like you are hard to come by. The company was lucky to benefit from your talent for all these years. Farewell and good luck for the future.
From the lovely coffee breaks to the grilling long hour schedules, you have always been a great company ( name). It would be hard to replace a colleague like you. Best of Luck!
Good luck in the future, and please stay in touch.
Having the privilege of working with you has been the highlight of my time here. Best of luck in your new position.
I appreciate your time and efforts. I will miss you and hope you will keep in touch with me from time to time. Farewell.
I can’t believe you are leaving. The office will never be the same without you. I will miss you.
I felt like a part of the family on my very first day at work only because of you. Thanks for making my work life a whole lot easier. Hope you find success in all your future endeavors.
I have a gut feeling that I am going to end up meeting you sometime again in life. Until then, be the best employee that you have always been. See you around.
I may have lost a fantastic work colleague, but I seek solace in the fact that since beginning to work with you, I have gained a friend for life.
I still believe that you will find the best in your life somewhere else. God bless!
It is a pity to see one of the best employees leave. We wish you luck in everything you do. Farewell and best of luck.
It is amazing how work became fun when you were around. You were not just a colleague but a very good friend too. Have a prosperous life and keep in touch!
It is going to be tough to see your cabin empty from tomorrow. Have an awesome time wherever you land up next. All the best.
It is rare that one finds a good friend in a colleague.Thanks for being that wonderful person who always was willing to extend his helping hand. Have a great life ahead and keep in touch.
My heartfelt thanks for your excellent performance in this job and years of dedication to this work. Additionally, you have been such a wonderful friend to me. Thank you and goodbye. I’m really hoping to see you again!
Our hearts skipped a beat when you announced your resignation. It has slowly sunk in and we all wish you good luck in your new role.
Over this long period of time we spent together, you became more than just a colleague for me. You became a friend and even a mentor to me. Your presence shall be really missed. Wishing you great luck for your future plans.
So sorry that you’re leaving, you’ll be missed ever so much
Thanks for all those times when you helped me in the tasks I wasn’t able to do on time. It will be difficult to fill the void created by your absence here. I am really going to miss you. Best of luck!
The days were wonderful, the memories were golden. It happens when we were with you, we are going to miss you. Farewell.
We viciously hope that you don’t enjoy your next role and come back to us. Farewell boss. You know too well that we wish you nothing but the best.
Whoever head hunted you must be a real hawk. It is not easy to find gems like you anymore. All the best mate. I am sure that you will spread success wherever you go.
Wish we could stick around for a little more time, but life has set some other amazing plans for you. Wish you a heartfelt good luck for your future. Keep in touch !
Wishing you the best for your future. You’ll always be remembered with love and revere.
With your levels of performance, dedication and professionalism, you have set the bar high for future employees. Keep it up.
You are the best work colleague anyone could ever wish for. I’m sad to see you go but I hope you get whatever you have set out to achieve in your life. Good luck.
You are the boss that every employee in this world would dream to have as a mentor. We are sure that you will enlighten minds wherever you go next. Goodbye.
You are the rock star that every office needs. You are the super worker that every company wants. You are the deal maker that every corporate will kill for. You are going to go places mate. Your new job means a raise and a new work profile. Congratulations for your promotion, but I’m sad to see you leave.
You gave 100% and much more. We value your contribution to the company. All the best.
You have been more of a friend and less of a work colleague. Farewell buddy.
You redefined competition, exemplified excellence and became an idol for your colleagues. We appreciate all the efforts you have put in.

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