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37 Great Millennial Generation Y Statistics and Consumer Trends

Maximizing Millennials

The source of the this infographic is MBA@UNC, and the original infographic can be found here.

Maximizing Millennials: The Who, How And Why Of Managing Generation Y

Just who are the millennials, you ask? These are the 80 million young adults that were born between 1976 and 2001. By 2014, 36 percent of the US work force will be comprised purely of millennials. By 2020, 46 percent of the American work force will be millennials.

Social Media Trends

64 percent of these millennials inquire about social media policies during job interviews. 24 percent say that social media policies are a key factor in accepting or declining job offers.


Male millennial education stats are as follows: 15 percent have less than a high school education. 40 percent graduated high school. 28 percent have some college. 20 percent have four or more years of college under their belt.

As for female millennials, here are their education stats: 15 percent have less than a high school education. 34 percent have graduated high school. 35 percent have at least some college. 15 percent have completed more than four years of college.

Ethic Diversity

Millennials are by far the most ethnically diverse generation. 59.8 percent are white, 14.2 percent are black, 18.5 percent are Hispanic, 4.3 percent are Asian and 3.2 percent come from a different ethnic background.

Previous generations have been 72.5 percent white, 13 percent black, 12 percent Hispanic, 3 percent Asian and 1.5 percent other.

Generational Difference

There are generational differences. 31 percent of 20 year olds in 1976 value a job with more than two weeks vacation time, while 17 percent of 20 year olds in 2006 feel this way. 54 percent of 1976 20 year olds value a job that gives you the chance to make friends while 40 percent of 2006 20 somethings do. 43 percent of 20 year olds in 1976 value a job that most people look up to you in, while 33 percent of 20 somethings in 2006 do. Two-thirds of students predict they will perform in the top 20% of the population in their adult jobs.

Added Value to Employers

Companies need millennials. 52 percent said that opportunities for career promotions made potential employers more attractive. 65 percent said that the opportunity to develop personally was very important in deciding on their job. 22 percent said that training and development was a key factor in choosing their employer.

Tech Savvy

Millennials are the most tech savvy multitaskers. They switch their attention between smartphones, laptops, tablets and TV about 27 times an hour on average. Past generations only did this about 17 times an hour.

Millennials are very important in today’s work force, and that of the future. These statistics prove that they can be an asset to any company. With their amazing multi tasking skills and refreshing diversity, millennials will soon be taking over your work force.

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