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35 Funny Marathon Team Names

In 2010, more than half a million people participated and completed a marathon. At 34 years of age, Melanie Johnstone was considered to be the youngest runner to complete 100 marathons. Gladys Burrill was the oldest female to complete a marathon at the age of 92. A selection of marathon team names that can be used for your next event are provided below. These have been used and shared by others with the intent to motivate the creation of your own marathon team name.

12 Week Step Program
Amble Opportunitity
Aspirin’ Runner
Book of Legsodus
Callous Tool Free
Carry the Cross Trainers
Cow Eats Hog
Derail Trails
Electro Cardio Grandma
Endo the Line
First Degree Bernie
Gorge Cluenies
Halfway to Hell
Heavin’ on Earth
Kool Cat
Lasso to First Place
Pain it Forward
Paradise is Sweat
Public Anemia
Race in the Hole
Road Rodeo
Running for Awfuls
Saints and Sprinters
Save Our Soles
Spins and Wheedles
The Debitantes
The Dirt Diggers
The Evil Kneevils
The Painful Quad
Toaster Toes
Walking Machine
Where’s WalDOA
Women and Menifee Taste

When training for a marathon, some of the most common injuries found are muscle pulls, knee injuries, or plantar fasclitis. To avoid running injuries from occurring, stretch before and after a run and run on level surfaces. Wear proper shoes and drink plenty of water. In injury occurs, follow the RICE technique and get plenty of rest, apply ice, compress, and elevate the injured area.

Guide to Preparing for a Marathon

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