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How 5 Young Entrepreneurs Became Billionaires


The original source of this infographic is TimothySykes.com.

What are some of the life goals of the kids of today? It may not surprise you to find out that becoming a billionaire as quickly as possible topped the list of a recent survey.

Rich And Young Entrepreneurs

A recent study of five-hundred-and-seventy-nine individuals between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five revealed the following life goals:

1. Eighty-eight percent want to get rich.
2. Fifty-one percent want to become famous.
3. Only thirty-percent expressed a desire to help those who are in need.
4. Only twenty-two percent of those polled have an interest in becoming leaders within their communities.
5. Only ten-percent expressed goals of a spiritual nature.

It’s likely that those who were polled are getting their inspiration from some of these extremely famous, ludicrously wealthy young entrepreneurs:

Nicholas Woodman

Worth roughly 1.3-billion, Nicholas Woodman created GoPro through a desire to create a camera that could be attached to his wrist while surfing. His company is one of the leaders in digital imaging. However, his first idea, which involved retro video games, was a bust that cost his investors over four million.

Jack Dorsey

The founder of Twitter is worth over a billion dollars. He is also responsible for creating the Square mobile payments company. His success should encourage you to create a Do/Don’t do list that should be updated and looked over frequently.

Sean Parker

After establishing his claim to fame as one of the founders of Napster, Parker went on to become the founding President and investor of Facebook. Use his example to remember that higher education isn’t always a necessity. Parker is valued at over two-billion.

Mark Zuckerberg

The man who launched Facebook is worth over thirteen-billion. Need we say more? This risk taker remains an inspiration to young people.

Dustin Moskovitz

A key member of Facebook and founder of Asana, Moskovitz is worth over three-billion. His success should give you the feeling that in order to make it to the top, having something you are truly passionate about is definitely going to help you make your dreams come true.

What can you learn from these people? It helps to have an understanding of technology, as well as the relationships people have with technology, and what you can do to change that for the better. Having something you truly believe in can also be extremely beneficial. It’s not impossible to join these ranks, but it will demand innovation, patience, and hard work.

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