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35 Captivating Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Quotes

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was a French politician and the founder of the mutualist philosophy. Regarded as an influential theorist and the first person ever self declared as an anarchist, Proudhon is known as the father of Anarchism. Here is a look at some of the most regarded Pierre-Joseph Proudhon quotes ever.

“A common danger tends to concord. Communism is the exploitation of the strong by the weak. In Communism, inequality comes from placing mediocrity on a level with excellence.”

“All men are equal and free: society by nature, and destination, is therefore autonomous and ungovernable.”

“All men in their hearts, I say, bear witness to these truths; they need only to be made to understand it.”

“All my economic ideas as developed over twenty-five years can be summed up in the words: agricultural-industrial federation. All my political ideas boil down to a similar formula: political federation or decentralization.”

“All parties without exception, when they seek for power, are varieties of absolutism.”

“Anarchy is order, government is civil war.”

“ANARCHY, or the government of each man by himself or as the English say, self -government.”

“Anarchy, the absence of a master, of a sovereign.”

“As man seeks justice in equality, so society seeks order in anarchy.”

“Communism is a society where each one works according to his abilities and gets according to his needs.”

“Communism is exploitation of the strong by the weak.”

“Communism is inequality, but not as property is. Property is exploitation of the weak by the strong. Communism is exploitation of the strong by the weak.”

“Democracy is nothing but the Tyranny of Majorities, the most abominable tyranny of all, for it is not based on the authority of a religion, not upon the nobility of a race, not on the merits of talents and of riches.”

“I build no system. I ask an end to privilege, the abolition of slavery, equality of rights, and the reign of law. Justice, nothing else; that is the alpha and omega of my argument: to others I leave the business of governing the world.”

“I stand ready to negotiate, but I want no part of laws: I acknowledge none; I protest against every order with which some authority may feel pleased on the basis of some alleged necessity to over-rule my free will.”

“In any given society the authority of man over man runs in inverse proportion to the intellectual development of that society.”

“It is a proof of philosophical mediocrity, today, to look for a philosophy.”

“It is through separation that you will win: no representatives, and no candidates!”

“Justice is a faculty that may be developed. This development is what constitutes the education of the human race.”

“Laws: We know what they are, and what they are worth! They are spider webs for the rich and mighty, steel chains for the poor and weak, fishing nets in the hands of government.”

“Liberty is not the daughter but the mother of order.”

“Producer and consumer are always one and the same person, merely considered from two different viewpoints.”

“The elements of justice are identical with those of algebra.”

“The government can do nothing for you. But you can do everything for yourselves.”

“The great are only great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!”

“The law does not generate justice. The law is nothing but a declaration and application of what is just.”

“The newspapers are the cemeteries of ideas.”

“The possessions of the rich are stolen property.”

“The proprietor, producing neither by his own labor nor by his implement, and receiving products in exchange for nothing, is either a parasite or a thief.”

“The social revolution is seriously compromised if it comes through a political revolution.”

“To name a thing is easy: the difficulty is to discern it before its appearance.”

“Universal suffrage is counter-revolution.”

“We want property, but property restored to its proper limits, that is to say, free distribution of the products of labour, property minus usury!”

“When deeds speak, words are nothing.”

“Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and tyrant, and I declare him my enemy.”

Here is a look at the history of Anarchism and who they were as outlined by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

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