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35 Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husbands

Getting married is one thing but having a successful marriage is another. Being able to celebrate each year you are together is a milestone that many may not even make it to. More than half of marriages contain disagreements and arguments that relate to money and chores. Having a successful marriage is based on compromise and peace. Whether you need to establish financial goals or pay down debt, having a happy and healthy marriage will result in many more years of celebration. To congratulate your husband with a special wedding anniversary message for him, the following list of ideas will help to inspire your own words.

After all these years, you still light my fire. Happy Anniversary.

Being married to you is waking up everyday with the girl of my dreams. I Love You. Happy Anniversary.

Earlier in my life I made a good decision that sees me through success. I marry you.

Even after all this while, nothing warms me like your smile. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, thank you for the best years of my life.

Here’s to another wonderful year of loving you. Happy Anniversary.

Home is where my heart is because you are there. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

I admire your faithfulness honey. Not all husbands are like you, you are a rare find. I treasure you.

I did grab a once in a lifetime opportunity and now I’m happily married. Happy Anniversary Darling.

I know I promised ‘for better or for worse’, but it keeps getting better. Happy Anniversary.

I love spending each day with you & I love waking each morning with you by my side. No wonder time pass by and by and we’ve been happy throughout time.

In the millions of questions about the meaning of life. I chose to answer only one, and that is YOU. My love. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

I said a few years ago that I will marry the most beautiful girl I met, I did get the most beautiful and it turns out that she’s amazing.
I still have such a big crush on you. Happy Anniversary.

I thought of increasing my chances of winning at life that’s why I marry you. I was never wrong.

In life, you have to make good decisions. Me? I choose to be happy. I choose you.

It is of great pleasure to find a wife Who knows how to choose wisely. Happy Anniversary Darling.

It’s that time of year agao to relive our honeymoon. Happy Anniversary,

Life can be bitter at times but I’m glad we’re together because you’re naturally sweet. You glazed my life with honey.

Looking for love, the road stopped at you and I’ve never looked back. Happy Anniversary, my love.

Marriage is the best thing that ever happened to me after all. I thank God he gave you to me. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Our life is not perfect, we encounter good and bad days, happiness and sorrows but we keep on going. There is beauty in imperfection but still we’re singing a sweet melody all these years.

Our love is a never ending story for all eternity. Happy Anniversary.

Our marriage had its ups and downs, Like a roller coaster but that’s where the beauty is. It’s an adventure only worth taking with you.

Over the years a lot had change but this heart of mine it never did. It still skips a beat for you.

Thank you for being my wife. I must admit this; you make life easy for me. I’m glad and happy that you are mine.

Thank you for holding back those words that you know will hurt me and instead uttering words that strengthens me and makes me feel love. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

The more I learn about you, the more I love you. I’m very happy learning all these years.

The only thing I regret about marrying you is not meeting you sooner. Happy Anniversary.

The quality time that we have each day add up to great years of life worth living.

They say opposites attract. Sure worked for us. Happy Anniversary.

True, not all days are happy, most are, but all of them worthwhile. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Years are more memorable when we continually look on the good side. I love looking at it with you by my side.

You had been with me, for better or worse. You’ve been faithful to me. Happy Anniversary.

You let go of a smile and my world was forever changed. It’s magical, thank you. Happy Anniversary.

The average age that a woman gets married is 29 years old, while for the man it is 30 years old. September is the most popular month for marriage, inadvertently making this month one of the largest for wedding anniversary celebrations. The infographic below outlines the facts and trends of marriage and couples.

Facts of Marriage and Living Together

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