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34 Fifth Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

At the age of 5, children are at their peak of learning having receiving a variety of nurturing, inspiring, and exploration that enhances their education. By the third grade, any gaps that exist between older children and those in Kindergarten can be closed. To make sure to have a blast during the celebration of this milestone year, a selection of 5th birthday invitation wording samples are provided below to help inspire your creativity.

[name] is turning five, so come on over to swim and dive! There will be ice cream, cake and our favorite treats, and the pool will help us beat the heat!

[name] turning five and he can hardly wait – So blow your horn and join the fun and help us celebrate!

[name] turning five and that takes the cake . . . Don’t duck out on her party, for goodness sake!

A camouflage party with plenty of action and a birthday boy as the main attraction!

A football and a birthday is all that it will take to plan a special party and put 5 candles on the cake!

A party for the both of us you’re invited to come and play. You know that we will make a fuss if you can’t join us that day.

A special boy with a winning smile, is about to finish another mile! Please join us to celebrate [name] 5th Birthday!

A tractor and a birthday is all that it will take to plan a celebration and have a special cake!

Attention troops! We are going camping for the night – to celebrate a birthday by campfire light!

Basketball, baseball which will it be? Football or soccer we’ll just wait and see!

Calling all of the Birthday Girl’s friends! Let’s get together for a scavenger hunt – and let the Slumber Party begin!

Come and tumble and roll and jump and play as [name] celebrates his 5th birthday!

Come to a jungle jumping birthday party, We’ll have more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Feliz Cumpleaños. We’ll have tacos and a piñata to break and we’ll put five candles on the birthday cake! Please join us for [name] 5th Birthday Party

Five is an extra super age as [name] takes center stage!

Grab your shoes and bowling ball – And mosey on over for a party, yall!

Her royal highness is turning five and a party we are planning. So come and join us for a spell, It’s sure to be enchanting.

Her Royal Highness, Princess [name], requests your presence at a royal celebration in honor of the fifth year of her reign.

I’m having a party ’cause I’m turning five! I hope you can come to jump and jive!

It’s [name] 5th Birthday and we’re about to flip. So come join her run, tumble and skip!

It’s time to splash. Time to play. Come and celebrate, My 5th Birthday!

Join the crew and be our guest for birthday fun and a treasure chest!

Jump in your truck and put it in drive. Help us celebrate as [name] Turns Five!

Kick up your heels and celebrate at a 5th Birthday Party that will really take the cake!

My big day is coming, my big day is near. Soon I’ll be finishing my fifth year. Mom and Dad are having a party, they say it’s for me. To make it even better, your smiling face we hope to see!

One, two, three, four; lots of cake and toys galore. Five, six, seven, eight; it’s [name] party so don’t be late!

Our little all-star is about to turn five, so we’re having a party that’s sure to be fun!

Some super heroes fly, And soar through the night. Others wear capes, And it’s crime that they fight. [name] can be a super hero, too. And at his party, so can you!

Toot the Horn! Bang the drum! It’s a Birthday Party and we want you to come!

Truck on over or grab a cab. There’s plenty of fun to be had! Fly a plane or catch a train. This party is sure to entertain!

Turning five is really great so swing on over to help celebrate. [name] 5th Birthday

We’re blowing up balloons and icing the cake! There’s a big birthday party that we hope you can make!

Wear your comfy pajamas. Bring your favorite music to play. We’re having a Pajama Party to celebrate [name] Birthday!

Wear your leotards – we’ll jump, bounce and cheer. Come help celebrate [name] 5th year!

The following infographic outlines the trends and of child and youth education. More than 52% of children at Kindergarten level are unprepared for school and live in poverty. An increased in health and nutrition is also associated with enrolling children in early education programs. On average, only 10 to 1 children that receive a free lunch, receive a breakfast.

Early Education Facts

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