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25 Incredible Business Card Design Examples

Business cards may not be the first thing on your mind given the virtual world that is the prime focus at the moment. But business cards have long played a phenomenal role, especially in branding and networking. Before the world went digital and got uploaded online, it was a business card that would present the identity of a company and its representative or owner. Much before social networks and chatting apps became omnipresent it was a business card that used to be an ice breaker and a conversation starter.

A guide to the typeface and colors to use for effective business card design.

Guide to Business Card Design

Despite the omnipotence of the digital world, the traditional business cards are still very relevant. There are countless companies that use business cards in unique ways to not just put forth the contact details and information about a company but also for branding.
25 Unique Business Cards That Will Make Your Brain Explode is a compilation of twenty five designs of business cards that are not just unique but out of the world, not just impressive but thought provoking.

Imagine a business card which is actually a functional wrench or playing cards, a matchbook or a clothespin. Not many people would even think of such ideas when it comes to business cards. If you come to think of it, every household needs a clothespin or a functional wrench. When you present a potential customer, client, associate or someone in your professional network with such business cards, they would first be amazed at your out of the box thinking. Next, the person would be impressed by your initiative and instantly start to respect you and your brand. Thereon, she or he would find the card in the shape of matchbook, clothespin or wrench among others will find it to be utilitarian. In other words, your card would remain with the person for a really long time.

Not only would the person talk about your business to a dozen other people at the least but also would be consistently reminded of your brand whenever they use the card or look at it. This will easily be the most economic yet most effective branding ploy that you would have ever pulled.

Explore the 25 unique business card designs, think even beyond those designs as to how you can find a concept or design which will not just be unique and out of the box but also utilitarian and specifically relevant for your business.

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