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5 Top 23andMe Competitors

23andMe has been a leader in the rapid genetic testing market for a number of years. They can help you find immediate relatives now or discover who your relatives have been for up to the last 10,000 years! For one low price, you get raw genetic reports that are ancestry-related, not health related.

There are other similar agencies that provide a rapid genetic service like 23andMe, with each of them having some unique attributes that may make them a viable alternative for you to consider. Let’s take a look at them right now!

DeCODEme – https://www.decodeme.com/

DeCODEme got off to a rocky start right away. They provide an almost identical service to 23andMe, but they realized that 23andMe was further along in the beta testing process. To say that they were first on the market, they launched their website 24 hours before 23andMe with the basic formatting text you’d see on a WordPress site. They’re located in Iceland and the one difference that does set them apart is that deCODEme searches for genetic markers that make people be at a higher risk for specific disease development.


Navigenics – https://www.navigenics.com/

What you’ll get with Navigenics is the medical version of what 23andMe happens to be. Navigenics focuses solely on medical genetic research without even bothering with an ancestral locator type of service. The problem, however, is that as of 2012 they are no longer a consumer-based operation, which means you can’t just fork over your money to have them look at your genetics. If you’ve used them in the past, however, you can still log-in to access your data.


I-Gene – https://www.igene.com/

Based in Russia, i-gene provides the exact same services that 23andMe provides individuals, although they tend to focus more on their home market. With a price that is 15 times higher than 23andMe, however, for a similar service, the idea of sending off a DNA sample to them seems a little unappealing. You do, however, send and receive results through a dedicated courier, which ultimately increases your privacy compared to other package transports, so there is an advantage there.


MyGene23 – https://www.mygene23.com/

The interesting thing about MyGene 23 is that it looks a lot like the old 23andMe website. Now granted there’s not a lot you can do to change a basic WordPress template if you’re not great at coding, but the entire concept at least initially made this Chinese website seem like a cheap, almost fraudulent competitor. Now they’ve set themselves apart by focusing on medical genetic testing, claiming to have discovered over 3,400 cases of cancer through genetics.


Genotek – https://www.dnagenotek.com/

As finally, if you’re looking for a full genetic sequencing of your body for some reason, you can get it through this 23andMe competitor for just under $10,000. You can also get similar services for about 8 times the price from this Russian based organization, plus a look at auto-immune diseases and other risk factors for that price. And, if you’re really curious, you can send about $40 to see how your sports skills rank with others!


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