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34 Best Catchy Anti Drug Slogans

Anti drug campaigns are very popular in media, schools and workplaces. Drugs ruin lives and create unstable environments for everyone having to live around them. Good slogans give people a catchy way to remember their anti drug promise to themselves as well as spread the message to others. Here are some of the catchiest anti drug slogans that we could find.

Be Smart. Don’t Start.
Choose Not To Use!
Choose To Live Free From Addictions.
Crack Is Whack.
Don’t Get High, Reach For The Sky!
Don’t Huff. Don’t Puff. Keep Away From That Stuff!
Don’t Let Drugs Own You.
Don’t Let Drugs Take Control.
Drug Addiction Is Not Fiction.
Drug Free Is The Way To Be.
Drugs Are Whack.
Drugs Aren’t Cool. They Make You Act Life A fool!
Drugs Drag You Down.
Drugs Ruin Lives.
Drugs: A Grave Mistake.
Drugs? It’s Not Worth It.
Follow Your Dreams. Don’t Do Drugs.
Get High On Life, Not On Drugs.
Hugs No Drugs.
If You Aren’t Drug Free, You Can’t Hang With Me.
iTune Out Drugs.
Just Say NO!
No Room For Drugs In This World.
Pugs Not Drugs.
Reach For The Starts, Not Drugs.
Say Yes To Life By Saying No To Drugs.
The Best Me Is Drug Free.
The Choice For Me Is Drug Free.
There Is No Hope In Dope.
Too Cool For Drugs.
Use Your Brain, Don’t Fry It!
Wasted? So Is Your Life.
What The Point Of Trying To Look Cool If You’re Dead.
You Shouldn’t Meth Around.

This powerful anti drug video features a world famous bodybuilder who is supporting the anti drugs movement. He describes all of the things you can achieve with your life when you just say no!

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