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13 Keys to Getting More Customer Upsells


Upsells can be the difference in making big money off your clients, or securing just a little. However, there is a very fine line to walk when pitching upsells to your customers. Understanding the dos and don’ts of this method is very important. Luckily, the above infographic has a lot to tell us about creating successful upsells for your business. By thinking in terms of who, when, and how to ask for these upsells, the chances of being successful in snagging them increase dramatically.

1) Who to Ask.
Who to ask may or may not be that important. Understand that almost every and any customer can represent an upsell opportunity if you know how to work the situation. But do not expect that all of your upsell attempts, no matter how carefully timed, will work out. Monitor your customers carefully in terms of your sales to them. By understanding just when the time is right to offer an upsell to a particular customer, you can catch them when they are much more likely to make a purchase. Happy customers are your best target, here. As are those that bring in bigger profits.

2) When to Ask.
The timing of how to ask is very important. As mentioned above, you should know certain indicators that show when customers are more willing to go for an upsell. Target those customers, first. Even early in the relationship, it is more than OK to ask about an upsell. The key here is to get your upsells happening quickly, and pushing your clients to accept more and more of them at a faster pace. Doing so increases their overall lifetime value to your business. Increasing lifetime value can help your overall profits soar.

3) How to Ask.
One thing is for sure about the upsell: you have to ask! But how you ask may differ from client to client. One of the most successful ways is to let customers experience an upsell for themselves, firsthand. Offer trails and POCs to make this happen. Using a self-service environment as part of these trials or POCs, offer customers upsells directly. Sometimes, as part of selling the upsell, you may want to offer customers professional services at a premium rate. This is another great way to approach keeping customers around longer, and also getting new streams of revenue for your business.

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