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32 Quotes About Life Lessons from Famous Fictional Creatures


You might think that fiction is full of fairytales, but there is knowledge that can be gained from just about anything. Some of the cutest and most legendary creatures in fiction might just have wisdom to offer if you pay close enough attention. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

This fictional creature is from Big Hero 6 and might look adorable, but it can actually teach you a thing or two about kindness and compassion. Baymax is always looking to offered highest quality of care to its patients. It is important to learn the lesson from Baymax that helping others can bring you your own joy and is worth the effort.

This is a creature that is from Adventure Time and is a friend that is always reliable and by your side. The lesson that you can learn best from this fictional character is that life is short and your friends and the relationships that you build are all the really matters. This means that you need to be there for the ones that you love most during their time of need.

This is a popular fictional creature from Toy Story and he is one of the most loved characters from this movie because he is silly and always affectionate. It is important to learn from Bullseye that there is always time in life to be lighthearted and make fun a priority. Bullseye is always ready for anything and this is the way that we need to be in our own lives. We should always be open to a new adventure or experience. In the end, life is all about the experiences that we share with the people that we care the most about.

This is a puppy that looks cute and lovable. He is always with his friends and up for just about anything. You can learn from this fictional creature that life can be a lot more enjoyable and memorable if you share it with friends. It is not really about the number of friends that you have in your life, but the quality of those relationships that matters most.

This is the golden retriever from the very popular movie up. You can learn a lot from Dug that can be applied to your own life. Life Dug, you can open your heart and find the joy that you have been looking for. You have to be open to it in order to find it.

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