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35 Inspirational Get Well Soon Card Messages

The gesture of giving a get well card to a sick friend or colleague is a regular occurrence. These types of cards are regarded with sentiment and appreciation having thought of another person in a time of need. The greeting card industry is estimated to be worth $7 billion a year with 9 out of 10 households purchasing greeting cards each year. The average household buys 30 cards in a single year. If you are speechless as to what sentiments to write in a get well soon card message, the below examples can help you along. These sentiments have been share by others and used in the past.

As you are healing, may you feel warmth and compassion from all who care about you. Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love.
Best wishes for a little progress, a little encouragement, every day during your recuperation.
Best wishes. I hope that you’re back in the swing very soon.
During this down time we hope that your recovery is a relaxing and restful one. All the best and we hope you get well soon!!
Get well soon so you can once again experience all the fun and delight that life has to offer.
Get well soon so you can resume bringing brightness and delight to our life!
Get Well Soon. Along with a warm message and fond thoughts.
Happy to hear that it’s done and over with. Try to stay positive through your recovery. I’m here if you need me.
Here’s to hoping you GET WELL SOON!! We’re missing you at _____ and can’t wait to have you back.
Hope you feel better soon.
I wish you well a hundred times a day…. In my heart.
I’m really sorry to hear of your illness. We’re all thinking of you during this time and hope your recovery is a speedy one.
Look outside; the sun is shining and it’s telling you to get well soon.
May good health envelop you, spurring a quick recovery.
May the good wishes and warm thoughts of those who care about you send a little cheerfulness into your world and help you feel better.
May you enjoy this time off to put your feet up and recover fully. We hope that the next few weeks are filled with lots of rest and relaxation.
May your hospital stay be only short! Wishing you a complete and restful recovery. GET WELL SOON!
May your recovery be a short but restful one. We’re all thinking of you during this time and we hope you’re back on your feet soon.
Now that you’re successfully out of surgery, here are two things you have to remember to take everyday: Vitamins and apples. Get well soon.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we wish for a complete and restful recovery. Looking forward to catching up with you again soon.
Recover well, to be strong and sound. Rest well, to walk on the path to good health.
Recovery is hard work – but you’re not alone. Not a day goes by that you aren’t thought of and wished well.
Sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine to brighten your day.
Sending you the brightest wishes to say, hope you get well soon.
Sending you tons of well wishes for your fast recovery.
Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health.
The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart. Our prayers are with you. Get Well Soon.
Thinking of you lots and hoping for your speedy recovery.
Waiting eagerly for you to recover soon and make my days lively again. Get well quick.
We hope you feel better because we miss you so much.
We’re thinking of you during this time!! Wishing you a restful recovery and we hope that your back to you’re usual self again soon.
While you rest and recover, I’ll be next to you praying and hoping for a smooth and quick recovery.
Wishing you all the best with your recovery. May you use this restful time to recharge and energize. All the best.
With good wishes and prayers that you get well soon.

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