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32 Great Telephone Company Names

The telecommunications industry has an overall industry value of $5 trillion, a 300 billion increase from 2012. This is due to the increase in business revenue and subscribers. The United States market alone is worth $1.2 trillion. The following compilation is of United States based telephone company names that exist throughout the nation.

Atlantech Online Inc.
Bright House Networks
BTI Communications Group
Cable One Inc.
Century Link
Charter Communications
Cherokee Communications
Consolidated Communications
Cox Communications
Fidelity Communications Co.
Matrix Business Technologies
Mediacom Communications
RCN of Chicago
Sprint Store
Sudden Link
TelePacific Communications
Time Warner Cable
US Cellular
Vonage Marketing LLC
Wireless 4 Less
Yourtel America

The first cal was made in 1876. As we sit in the 21st century now, we see wireless mobile devices that can fit in our pocket to make a simple call. 64% of people believe that the future over the next 100 years will allow us to have robots act as our own personal assistants and communicate for us. A quarter of people believe we will end up with one common world language.

Telephone Industry Trends and Stats

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