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75 Great Recycling Company Names

Steel cans are considered to be 100% recyclable. Glass can be recycled several times over without losing its purity levels. An estimated 96% of materials found in an television set can be used to make new television sets. The average glass bottle can take 1.5 million years to decompose. The following selection of recycling company names are compiled below.

A-1 Disposal
Ace Intermountain Recycling Center
Ace Recycling and Disposal
ACI Global Corp
Advanced Disposal Services LLC
Advanced Technology Recycling
Appliance Recycling Centers of America Inc.
Armco Metals Holdings Inc.
Banyan Rail Services Inc.
Blue Earth Solutions Inc.
Brista Corp
Bulldog Tire Recycling
Carbon Green Inc.
Cherry Recycling
China Industrial Waste Management Inc.
Clean Harbors
Clearfield Recycling
CMA Corp Ltd.
Diamond Waste
DRS Inc.
Eco Quick
Energy Solutions
Envipco Holdings NV
E-Waste Systems Inc.
Future Fly
Future Quest
Garb Oil & Power Corp.
Global Resource Corp.
GlyEco Inc.
Green Chirp
Green Dream
Green Energy Group Lrd.
Green Envirotech Holdings Corp
Green Fiber
Green Planet 21
Green Spring
Harmonic Energy Inc.
Heritage Glass
Industrial Services of America Inc.
Interstate Recycling
Itronics Inc.
Landstar Inc.
Lizhan Environmental Corp
Metalico Inc.
Metech International Ltd.
Metro Transload
Momentum Recycling
More Bright
New Ning
Progressive Waste Solutions
Pure Earth Inc.
Recycle Crest
Reneage Oil
Republic Services
Resource Recovery International Corp.
Rocky Mountain Recycling
Sancon Resources Recovery Inc.
Scope Industries
Shred Masters
Stericycle Inc.
Titan Technologies Inc.
Tomra Systems ASA
USA Recycling Industries Inc.
Waste Connections Inc.
Wave Blend
Western Big City Companies
Western Recycling

The following infographic takes a look at consumer trends with recycling. The average person throws away 7 and a half times their body weight each year. An average of 30% of waste is paper. However, 70% of less energy is used to make recycled paper. The energy used to make one can from raw materials could be used to make 20 recycled cans.

Recycling Statistics

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