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401 Good Catchy Tattoo Business Names

Here is a list of the 401 greatest tattoo business names of all-time. I have broken down these incredible names into categories, from cool to creative to clever. After the list of tattoo shop names, I reveal the 8 Vital Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Tattoo Biz, which is followed by the Greatest Tattoo Shop Slogans Ever.

Cool Tattoo Business Names
A Thin Line Tattoo
A Touch Of Ink
All Out Tattoo
Artistic Encounter
Big Deluxe Tattoo
Black Horse
Body Wrap Ink
Broken Art Tattoo
Color Theory Tattoo
Divine Eye Tattoo
Dream Masters Tattoo
Endless Ink
Forever Ink
Get Inked
Hitlist Ink
Infinite Ink
Ink Addicts
Just INK About It
Kings of Ink
Lions Den Tattoo
Marked Studios
Momentum Tattoo
No Regrets
Red Degree
Rise Above Tattoo
Royal Flush Tattoos
Sea of Ink
Skin Design
Tattoo Rodeo
Tattoo Spot
Timeless Tattoo
Twice as Nice
Wasted Youth Tattoo

Creative Tattoo Business Names
3rd Generation Ink
All About Ink
Anchor Studio
Artistic Behavior
Big City Tattoos
Black Heart Tattoo
Black Rose Tattooers
Boundless Tattoo Company
Code of Conduct Tattoo
Convicted Ink
Death or Glory
Empire Ink
Flipside Ink
Focused Tattoos
Game Face Tattoos
Guilty Cat Tattoo
Hidden Gem Tattoo
Incognito Tattoo
Insight Studios
Kingdom Tattoo
Live Free Tattoo
Machine Age Tattoo
Modern Art Tattoo
My Pride Tattoo
Picture Machine
Red Carpet Tattoos
Redemption Tattoo
Rising Dragon Tattoo
Scorpion Studios
Sin Ink
Take it Off Tattoos
Tattoo Envy
The Ink Stop
The Skin Canvas
True Art Tattoos
Under Your Skin
Youth Shadow

Clever Tattoo Business Names
2nd Degree Tattoo
All is One Tattoo
Anchor Ink
Bad Baby Tattoo
Bearcat Tattoo
Black Ink
Black Serum Tattoo
Blue Collar Tattoo
City of Ink
Concrete Jungle Tattoo
Dovetail Tattoo
Elm Street Tattoo
Factory Edge Tattoo
Flash Me Tattoos
Gaslight Gallery
Grape Ape Tattoo
Heart of Gold Tattoo
Imperial Designs Tattoo Shop
Ink Effects
Inner City Custom Tattoo
Koolsville Tattoo
Legacy Tattoo
Lucky Sparrow Tattoo
Mad Hatters Tattoo Experience
Mission Ink
Needle Point Tattoos
Over the Moon Tattoos
Prison Break Tattoos
Prohibition Ink
Red 5 Tattoo
Red Thunder
Salvation Tattoos
Southern Star Tattoo
Tattoo Love
The Tattoo Machine
Three Fates Tattoo
Triple Crown Tattoo
Ultimate Design Studio
Worthy Tattoo Company

Vintage Tattoo Business Names
Addicted Body Arts Studio
Alpha and Omega Tattoo Parlor
Art On You Studios
Authentic Tattoo Company
Black Diamond Tattoo
Black Lotus Tattoos
Blue Devil Tattoo
Circus Tattoos
Downtown Tattoo
Full Circle Tattoo
Funhouse Tattoo
Golden Age Tattoos
Illuminati Tattoo Co.
Ink Spot
Little Johns Tattoo
Lucky Bamboo Tattoo
Masterpiece Tattoo
Namaste Ink
Reminington Tattoo
Rock of Ages Tattooing
Sacred Heart Studio
Stay Gold Tattoo
Stigma Tattoo Bar
Tattoo Cafe
Tattoo Candy
Tattoo Factory
Texas Body Art
The Reef Tattoo
Third Eye Tattoos
Tit 4 Tat
True Blue Tattoo
Tuesday Tattoo

Unique Tattoo Business Names
A Toda Madre Tattoos
American Electric Tattoo
Bizarre Bazaar
Black Owl Tattoos
Body Manipulations
Chronic Tattoo
Cover Up Tattoos
Daredevil Tattoo
Dragon Art
Electric 13 Tattoo
Evol Ink
Fine Line Tattoo
Gold Dust Tattoos
Guru Tattoo
Heart in Hand
Inborn Tattoo
Ink Inc.
Kiko Tattoo
Little Pricks Tattoo
Lowbrow Art Productions
Masquerade Tattoos
Modern Ink
Mystic Koi Tattoos
Noodles Tattoo
Paradise City Tattoo
Platinum Ink
Sacred Heart Tattoo
Sin Inkorporated
Solid Tattoo
Stingray Tattoo
Tattoo Machine
Texas Made Tattoo
The Electric Circus
True Grit Tattoo
True Tattoo
V Twin Tattoo
West Anchor Tattoo
Young More

Catchy Tattoo Business Names
2 Chairs Tattoo
All Aces Tattoo
Animal Farm Tattoo
Artistic Fantasies
Bay Ink
Black Hive Tattoo
Black Spade Tattoo
Broken Clover Tattoo
Chrome Gypsy Tattoo
Cornerstone Tattoos
Deluxe Tattoo
Downers Grove Tattoo
Fame Tattoos
Fluid Ink
Good Vibrations Ink
Hawks Electric Tattoos
Idle Hand Tattoo
Ink Injection
Ink Staple
INKspirations Body Art
Iron Palm Tattoos
Ironclad Tattoo
Lasting Dose Tattoo
Loose Screw Tattoo
Mean Street Tattoo
Mouse’s Custom Tattoo
Paint Slingers
Red Letter
Resurrection Tattoo
Rock Star Studios
Sailor’s Grave Tattoo
Seas the Day Tattoo
Skin of a Different Color
Studio 219 Ink
Sweet Betsy Tattoos
Tattoos By Lou
The Working Class Tattoo
Tomato Tattoo
Valley Tattoo
West Town Tattoo

Cute Tattoo Business Names
8th Day Tattoo
Acme Art & Tattoo
Ancient Art Tattoo
Ascension Tattoo
Big Cat Tattoo
Blackhouse Ink
Body Graphics
Boneface Ink
Classic Tattoo
Crown Electric Tattoo
Divergent Ink
Family Tattoo
Fat Kat Tattoo
Good Times Tattooing
HardXcore Art Tattoo Shop
I-Drive Tattoo
Ink Bar
Ink Stars
Iron Anchor Tattoo Parlour
Kollective Tattoo Studio
Livewire Tattoo Studio
Lone Star Tattoo
Memoir Tattoo
One Shop Tattoo
Peacock’s Tattoo
Pirate Tattoo
Red Ink Tattoo Studio
Revolution Tattoo Parlor
Rockstar Tattoo
Saints Ink
Silver Fox Tattoo
Smokin’ Guns Tattoos
Speakeasy Tattoo
Tattoo N’ Tapers
Texas Tattoo Emporium
The Painted Lady
Thunderbird Tattoo
True Fit Tattoo
Village Tattoo
White Rabbit Studio

Crazy Tattoo Business Names
Alchemy Tattoo
All Saints Tattoo
Apocalypse Tattoo
Battle Born Tattoo
Black & Blue Tattoo
Blue Anvil Tattoo Shop
Brown Brothers Tattoo
Build 4 Speed Tattoos
Crimson Door Tattoos
Eternally Yours Tattoo Company
Fantasy Thread
Fine Ink Studios
Forest City Tattoo & Gallery
Gate City Tattoo
Green Machine Tattoos
Hula Moon Tattoo Studio
Ink Blender
Ink Street
InkSane Asylum
Iris Tattoo
Ironclad Electric Tattooing
Liberty Tattoo
Logan Square Tattoo
Memorial Tattoo
Only You Tattoo
Pinpoint Art
Red Lion Tattoo
Remedy Tattoo Parlor
Royal Flesh Tattoo
Savage Tattoo Shop
Ship and Anchor Tattoo
Snake Ink
Studio 8 Tattoo
Tattoos Ahoy!
The Constable Tattoo Parlor
The Divine Canvas Tattoos
The Rock and Raven Tattoo Creative
Thunderbolt Tattoo & Piercing
Wolf City Tattoo

Magical Tattoo Business Names
Addictive Ink Tattoos
American Tattoo
Art & Soul Tattoo
Asylum Tattoo Studio
Black Metal Tattoo Company
Blacklist Tattoo Parlour
Dagos Body Art
Dark Hose Tattoo
Dark Side Tattoo
Darkstar Ink
Divine Tattoo
Enchanted Dragon Tattoo
Faces in the Dark Tattoo
GrimmWerks Studios
Gypsies Soul Tattoo
Haunted Hands
HydrosTATic Tats
Ink Society
Ink Voltage
Kingz Tattoo Parlor
Live Tattoo
Lucky 13 Tattooing
Master Peace’s Tattoos
Metamorph Tattoo Studios
Monster Ink Corporation
Moth and Dagger Tattoo
Mystical Eye Art & Tattoos
Painful Pleasures
Pioneer Tattoo Studio
Psychedelic Shack
Rabble Rouser Tattoo
Sacred Art Tattoo Studio
Sanctity Tattoo
Seventh Son Tattoo
Sin City Tattoo
Tattoo Temple
Temple Garden Tattoo
The Tattoomb
True Love Tattoo
UnHoly Ink Tattoo
Voodoo Monkey Tattoo
Wolfpack Tattoo
Zen Tattoo

Classic Tattoo Business Names
Absolutely Tattoo
Aces Tattoo
Art Explosions Tattoos
Atom Bomb Tattoo
Black Cat Tattoo Parlor
Black Thumb
Cedar Springs Tattoo
Chapter One Tattoo
Custom Skin
Diversity Tattoo
Eden Tattoo
Empire Tattoo
Fast Lane Tattoo
Fat Cat Tats
Gallery Of Ink
Hollywood Ink
Ink Avatar
Ink Spark
Ink Wolves
Let it Bleed
Loco Ink
Lucky Tattoo
Mermaids Tattoo
Paint Me Body Art
Red Rocket Tattoo
Seven Sagas Tattoo
Skin Ink
Sleevey Tattoos
Southside Tattoo
Star Tattoo
Taboo Tattoo
Tattoo Boogaloo
Tattoo City
Tatu Tattoo
The Jungle Zone
The Tat Cat
Torn Arts Tattoo
Underground Art
Wolf Head Tattoo
Yellow Rose Tattoo

How to Name Your Tattoo Business

Tattoo Business Name Ideas

Greatest Tattoo Shop Slogans of All-Time
Be comfortable in your own skin.
Branded for life.
Express your style in ink.
If You Can Think It, We Can Ink It!
It’s not just a tattoo, it’s a work of art.
Pain is temporary.
Where Body & Art Become One.
See All of the Greatest Tattoo Shop Slogans of All-Time

Tattoo Business Names

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