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51 Good Catchy Relay For Life Slogans

The Relay For Life is put on every single year by the American Cancer Society in order to celebrate and remember all of the people lost to cancer every year. Along with being a memorial for victims and survivors, another purpose is to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. People form fun, themed, teams and gather together all over the world. A slogan is a great way to unify your team and really show your spirit for the cause. Here are some wonderful Relay For Life Slogans to get your ideas going.

Ask Me How I Can Keep You Up All Night.
Believe there is Hope for a Cure.
Bust a Move Against Cancer.
Cancer Fears The Walker.
Cancer Never Sleeps…So Tonight, Neither Will We.
Cancer Sucks.
Cancer: Not Here, Not There, Not Anywhere.
Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.
Dear Cancer: Today Isn’t Your Day!
Do or Do Not. There is No Try.
Dream Big. Hope Big. Relay Big!
Each Lap Gets Us Closer To A World With More Birthdays.
Every Step Is One Closer To A Cure.
Fight Like a Girl.
Fight The Fight, Find The Cure.
Finish The Fight.
Friends Don’t Let Friends Fight Cancer Alone.
Get More Feet On The Track.
Give Cancer a Boot.
Happy, Alive, & Built To Survive.
Here’s To Lack of Sleep, Blistered Feet, And Telling Cancer We Won’t Be Beat.
Hey Cancer- Quite While You Can!
Hope Lives Here.
Hope Never Lives.
I Can Fight Cancer.
I Walk All Night So That Someone May Walk Another Day.
Imagine A World With More Birthdays. I’m Making It Happen.
Kick Cancer out of the Park.
Kicking Cancer To The Curb.
Life – A Race Worth Running For!
Lights. Camera. Take Action Against Cancer.
My Friend’s Battle Is My Battle.
Once You Choose Hope Anything’s Possible.
One Day. One Night. One Community. One Fight.
One Wish Two Wish. You Wish I Wish For A Cure!
Relay Babe.
Run For Their Lives.
Run Hard. Run Fast. Run To Cure. Run To Last.
Sending Cancer To Neverland.
Stand Strong and Wear Purple.
Star Light, Star Bright, Wishing for a Cure Tonight.
Stayin’ Alive.
Strike Out Cancer.
Taking Steps Closer to a Cure.
There Is No Finish Line Until There Is A Cure.
There’s No Such Thing as too Many Candles.
These Boots Were Made For Walking…All Over Cancer!
Unite For One, Unite For All.
We Can Be Heroes.
We Hate Cancer. But One Day…Cancer Will Hate Us More.
When We Walk Together, We Are Bigger Than Cancer.

This absolutely inspiring video shows the true meaning and message that Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society provides to people who have lost someone to cancer and people fighting the disease.

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