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10 Morning Routines of the Ultra Successful


In this world, there are many off the wall and bizarre approaches many take in order to get the most success in their profession. Whether the approach be as mild as taking walks to clear one’s head, or they be as unorthodox as waking up at 4am, many successful business leaders have made a name for themselves by doing unheard of techniques. Here are four examples, of such techniques that most people wouldn’t dare trying, for they do not “think outside the box” as outlined in this infographic.

1) Same Night Wear, Same Day Wear.
Mark Zuckerberg, the ingenious face behind the ultra popular social media website Facebook, admits that he keeps his wardrobe casual and standard, sometime wearing the same shirts repeatedly through the week. He feels that switching shirts daily is a huge waste of time, time that is better spent adding to his already impressive earnings that have reached past 30 billion dollars.

2) Meditation Followed by a Jog.
The co-founder of Twitter and Square, also known as Jack Dorsey, has a very strict, as well as effective, morning strategy. Dorsey wakes up at 5:30 am daily to meditate, and when he finishes this, he decides to embark on a 6 mile jog. Not many people, especially those who have gained a very wealthy income, can find the motivation in the morning to endure such a lengthy event. Dorsey is currently valued at 2.7 billion dollars, according to Forbes.

3) Beauty Sleep is For the Weak.
Quoted as saying “they say sleep is a gift that God gives you, that’s one gift I was never given,” Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo is a very ambitious, as well as hardworking. Nooyi’s morning ritual consists of waking up at about 4 am, only to make it into the office no later than 7 am. Where other CEOs may take their sweet time in making it into work, Nooyi only finds this as laziness, and she finds that is a waste of time to sleep at an unnecessary period. Nooyi is currently valued at 12 million dollars.

4) A Morning Read, Followed By A Workout.
Tim Armstrong, the Chairman and CEO of AOL, has a very busy morning. Waking up at 5 am, Armstrong starts out the day with a light read, followed by a workout. Once he has finished both tasks, he decides to fire off work emails to get the staff going, a daily habit that he has admitted may be too early to start, as he realizes his employees may have to be reached at 7 o’clock, which is later than he usually sends them.

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